Happy Hump Day

First, Happy Hump Day!

Second, the hero I’m writing now has a few tattoos. For those of you following my Heartbreaker Bay series, I’m talking about Caleb. These tattoos don’t show when he’s wearing his suits, which means no one has seen them or knows about them yet. So my question to you is … what tattoos do you like on a guy? Can you be as specific as possible as to where and what?

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  1. Caleb, who’s described as techy and geeky, could have tattoos that reflect this. There’s a great one on Pinterest of sound waves down the ribcage to his….you get the picture. Great abstract calculus symbols, quotes are tough because they can get pretty cliche and dated. A chaos sign would look nice on the shoulder. I’ve seen small b&w jasper john paintings. In calc there is the monotonic theory that looks pretty cool and abstract when graphed.

    Oh, and ribcage and shoulder are nice. Hip is nice and on the ones that are a bit above the waistline and then dip below. You get the picture.

  2. Not a big fan of tattoos – what art do I love so much that I’d want to wear it for life??
    That said, the kind around the bicep is pretty cool, but more visible. I like the idea of the tat revealing something about Caleb. I have a sign language interpreter friend who has, among many others, a watercolor of an iris, because it is the emblem of the goddess (Iris) who represents interpreters.

  3. I am not a fan of neck or face tattoos! Tribal tattoos are hot. I also like hidden ones (shoulder blade or back, thighs).

  4. I love to see Doctor Who tattoos on guys. I think the Tardis looks amazing on their shoulder depending on the style. Gallifreyan Tattoo Designs For Men has some great designs that go down their arm. “Now the Whovian in me is done.”

    For other tattoos dream catchers that run down their arm from their shoulder look great. ” I have a thing for shoulder tattoos” or bear paws on their chest!!!

  5. Ew. No. I am not a fan of ink being inserted under people’s skin. I just do not get the attraction. I just ignore descriptions of tattoos in books. I’ve even read books about tattoo artists, and I ignore the tattoo descriptions. You write what you want to write…I’ll read it, but I will just ignore the tattoos.

  6. A dragon tat is nice, on the shoulder/upper arm or around the hip and thigh. It really depends on the guy and their life experiences.

  7. As long as they are not on his neck, face or head….then hey I don’t have a problem with the tatts. (Unless they happen to be Maori and it is done in the way it is supposed to be)I must say, however, that having his entire body in tatts, including his privates, would be a huge turn off for me. Tastfully done…not covered completely in them…I can negotiate. LOL.

    Considering I have 13 tatts of my own…HOWEVER if need be I can cover them up. But I tend to proudly display them, since they convey my faith and major events in my life. My former job, gone the way of corporate restructuring, I pulled up my sleeves in the final job interview and displayed them to the new boss. “I am pagan…this is who I am. Will you have a problem with this?” Considering he was interviewing me for a security guard job….yeah he had no problem with having a tatted pagan female security guard on his team. LOL….he actually said “If anyone gives you a hard time while doing your duties roll up your sleeves…they’ll shut up.”

    My late husband had no tatts, but he knew I wanted some…all he said was “Always make sure they are in good taste, can be hidden if necessary and for god sakes don’t have any on your neck or face…or breasts.” I tended to agree with him then…and even now. Do it with style and taste.

  8. Back shoulders, pecs.
    He’s a grown-ass man so please, no cartoons.
    Something innocuous, but that has great meaning to him. Something that is sacred to him. Kinda like Pru’s tattoo: at first you’d think it was cute and was a reference to what she does for a living. But, once you know her and understand her story, you realize how it is so much more.

  9. I like tattooes that are on the biceps of a man’s arm and kind of hidden. I do not like tattooes that a person has on their faces or near the face. A few tattooes are fine but covering the whole body is not good looking to me.

  10. I like black ink in simple tribal-like designs on biceps. The design could go on to the pec or shoulder, but not too much. It should be easy to see and appreciate once uncovered.

    I do NOT like colored ink, sleeves, or so much ink it hides a guy’s musclature and looks like he’s wearing a shirt. The design (or designs) are impossible to see so it just looks busy and messy.

  11. Don’t mind tattoos, but I’m a ‘less is more’ kinda gal. Not really into full sleeves — but if the person can carry ’em off, it works for me — but arm tats always look great. Above a short sleeve, lower on the arm…doesn’t matter to me. Love the down-the-side one in the pic. If tats are done well…

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