Someone stole me

So someone stole my credit card number and wracked up thousands of dollars of debt. They went to a spa at the beach. They bought $750 shoes. They bought a first class airline ticket. And you know what makes me the most mad?

They’re living my life better than I live my life!!!!

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  1. That stinks. It’s such a hassle untangling the mess. But you are correct — I hate when they have MORE fun being you than you do. So sorry!

  2. I completely understand. About 10 years ago my hubby and I were in the living room watching tv with the kids when I got a call from a jewelry store in the next town asking me if i was still enjoying my purchase? Umm NO.! She advised that she felt weird about a transaction she just did, her manager made her, but decided to follow up. This was a Friday night!! So we called Wells Fargo on one phone and the police on the other and were able to close ALL of our accounts before anything posted. We sent a Thank You card to the clerk, a letter to the owner of the company about how great she was and how wrong the manager was that made her complete the transaction. Because of her quick thinking we were able to close our accounts. File a complaint with the FTC, they had the people on video. We were part of a large ring that stemmed from the Mall of America. It was nice to have the FTC rep that I forwarded ALL harrassing collections calls to. So i wish you the best as someone who’s been there (in one weekend they wrote @$20000 in checks all over MN! All under $400- so we got A LOT of collections calls!)

  3. Well crummy buttons! 🙁
    At least you’re liable for a minimal fee but still, such an invasion of your privacy.
    So very sorry.

  4. They aren’t living life better than you, because you are an independent, accomplished professional woman! That person is a pathetic criminal, and when she gets caught, she’ll go prison, and her roots will grow out. So there! See you in Reno at the RT Convention! 🌲🌲🌳

  5. Jill, I am so sorry on your behalf.

    The State of Texas Comptroller put my name, SS number and address on line – me and about 1 million others – for a year.

    Target was hacked and my information was part of what was lost.

    I worked for FEMA- the feds lost my very personal information from the FBI investigation for me to get the job – twice.

    I of course was part of Equifax.

    I have some steps to stop it from happening again. But, from what I can gather, no matter what I do there is some SOB somewhere who will figure a way to steal.

    Try not to worry. Please take care of you. And try to put it all in perspective.

    May all the people who do this kind of terrible thing find themselves tied down on a fire ant mound in the hot Texas sun and be forced to watch a ton of daytime TV.

  6. Sorry it happened. It takes some time and effort to clear it up, but I’m sure that you will succeed, it takes time and effort. I had it happened to me, and I cleared it up. Hopefully Karma or the police will get the person who did it. Good luck!

  7. Happened to me this weekend. American Express caught it pretty quickly, only about $300. Unfortunately, this is not the first time it has happened. And probably won’t be the last.

  8. Sorry you are having to deal with this.Our bank card number was stolen but since we draw disability they couldn’t get much .The bank took care of it.Hope they find out who did it.

  9. Oh Jill that’s awful, but been there to sadly. Much much worse too.
    Now we’re doing away with credit cards. We haven’t cut them up, but still being careful.
    Even sold me email. Hope things get worked out.

  10. Been in the same boat several times and it’s a royal pain. We’ve never use our credit card online and if there is something we want/need that is online only then, we get a Visa or MasterCard gift card and use that. It’s worth it for the small fee and if someone steals it, they won’t get much money. All bank accounts have at least 4 passwords needed in order to access them. The companies that hacked our personal information, they gave everyone free credit bureau services for 5 years and, we contacted all of them and made sure no one could open an account without them checking with us first.

  11. I am so damn sorry Jill – angry for you these lazy lazy people need to get there own jobs and lives and stop stealing ours right!!! Hang in there honey <3

  12. So sorry this happened to you! I hope they didn’t get anything else. And that it doesn’t take long to get things fixed. 😕

  13. Oh Jill don’t that just piss you off! We had someone do that to us – we called the credit card company as soon as we saw it on our bill & they took it off plus we tracked down the person & of course they wouldn’t tell us what they did to that person. That person worked at a restaurant that we had eaten at. Hope they take care of it for you.

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