So we got a little snow this past weekend…

Over four feet in thirty-six hours, requiring a LOT of gear …

The two little bumps in the bottom of the pic? Those are my two “office” chairs where I sit outside and work. It might be awhile before I get back out there…

The dogs were besides themselves…

Someone send spring!!! Where are you and what’s happening in your neck of the woods?

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  1. We just had a horrible wind storm. 70 mph gusts from Thursday night until Sat am. Lots of damage in the area. No rain or snow, just wind. It was strange…

  2. Up here in Alaska, where we are beginning to welcome the return of the sun. Spring is right around the corner, but we are expecting some snow later this week

  3. Austin Texas – this past year we had 15 days of below freezing temperatures – that is more than twice as many as last year. It was grey and dreary and rainy and cold for what felt like a very long winter.

    Today – sunshine – a Bradford Pear tree down the street is beginning to bloom. A tree right outside my patio is budding with leaves.

    I hope you enjoy your wonderful beautiful snow – and I am so very glad it is yours and not mine.

  4. I love the picture especially the dogs, Frat Boy must like putting his head in the snow. HaHa. I know you got dumped on but you do live in Tahoe. I remember when I lived there. Love to look at it hate to shovel or plow it. Got up this morning in N. Central Idaho and it snowed again. Yesterday no snow beautiful sunshine and I was outside cleaning the yard, then this morning snow. UGH, looked out and said What the Hell, my husband said no just snow. LOL Sometimes he’s funny.

  5. Blizzard in SD. Part of the interstate is closed. That’s a good sign that the wind is blowing the snow sideways. At least you have some sunshine and blue skies now. You must expect a lot of snow where you live…

  6. After lots of melting we are expecting 5-8 inches today. Also high winds. Those pups look happy playing in the snow.

  7. Nor’easter in MA. Lost power. Another one due on Wed. Leaving on Sunday to find Spring – hoping it is in FL.

  8. OMYGOSH! Here in NJ, we were given a weather report this morning that the area in which I live is expected to get 6 to 12” of snow this coming Wednesday! YIKES! Spring, where are you?

  9. Got some pretty nasty snow in the mountains in Eastern Oregon over the weekend. Sadly, enough to cause a 20 vehicle pile up in one area and close the highway in multiple places. Looking better today in the high 40s.

  10. It’s been in the 50’s and 60’s here in Southern NV…I wish OUR mountains had snow — we could use the snow pack — but nope! It’s been unseasonably warm. Stay safe and I THINK you’ll hafta work inside for a while… Now if you could just convince the dogs… 🙂

  11. Good grief. It’s gorgeous but I don’t know how you can stand it. In Orlando this morning it’s cold – 68 – but the sun is shining and my pup is outside prone in the sun!!

  12. In central Texas & it’s a muggy 66 this cloudy morning. Be safe & stay warm.

    I have to say that your chairs look like boobs poking out of the snow!

  13. I’m in the Midwest and declare that you are all getting my snow! Outside of St. Louis, on the Illinois side, we’ve had very little snow this year. It’s been a chilly 50+ the last few days. Raining when I got up this morning. The hard part is that our almost 24 month old triplets are passing around a cold with a fever. Blech!

  14. I agree!! Spring Can’t come soon enough!! Gearing up for our 2nd Nor’Easter in 7 days here on Long Island!! Oy!! Flooding, snow, sideways rain!! Calgon, take me away!! LOL

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