First things first, ABOUT THAT KISS hit both the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists last week and I couldn’t have done that without you! To celebrate and thank you, I’ve giving away the books in the Heartbreaker Bay series. Remember, these books can be read as standalones if you’re not into series, no worries!

So my question is this, do you have a favorite Heartbreaker Bay hero, and why? That’s it. Answer and you’re entered. 🙂

About That Kiss
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  1. I liked Joe the most from ‘About That Kiss’. Because I matched with the character of Joe to my real life. The thoughts going on in mind of Joe after the kiss… ditto.

  2. Finn, and Pru. Because Sweet Little Lies was the book that introduced me in the Jill Shalvis’ world. So I’ll always remember them with love❤

  3. I’m torn between Archer and Joe. Archer cuz he’s so badass and Joe because of the way he’s always cared for his family.

  4. I love all of them! I wouldn’t want to pick only one! They each have something or more than one something special that sets them apart.

  5. It is hard to pick just one as they are all big hero’s. I will say Joe as I really thought how awesome he was for finding the 2nd Penguin in case he couldn’t save Kylie’s original one & how they fit together as a pair.

  6. I’m fickle….my favorite is whichever one I am reading about! They are all hot, loving caring guys who would take on anyone & anything to protect their woman & those that they love!! And that makes this series one of my favorites!!!

  7. Currently would have to be Finn, he is so caring and aware of Pru’s feelings, but still have a couple of your books to read, so so cant say if this will change once I read those.

  8. My favorite is Joe who bought the penguin and ended up with 2 penguins. He showed Kylie how they fit together like the 2 of them. Best ending yet!

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