It’s here, it’s here…!

So … ABOUT THAT KISS is out today (part of the Heartbreaker Bay series BUT it stands alone, I promise!!) and I’ve been waiting SO LONG for you to get to read sexy, badass Joe Malone!!! What happens when love drives you crazy? The best thing to do is enjoy the ride… How about a sneak peek? Ask and ye shall receive:

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Chapter 1

Kylie Masters watched him walk into her shop like he owned it while simultaneously pretending not to notice him. A tricky balancing act that she’d gotten good at. Problem was, like it or not, her attention was caught and captured by the six foot, leanly muscled, scowling guy now standing directly in front of her, hands shoved in his pockets, body language clearly set to Frustrated Male.

She sighed, gave up the ridiculous pretense of being engrossed by her phone, and looked up. She was supposed to smile and ask how she could help him. That’s what they all did when it was their turn to work the front counter at Reclaimed Woods. They were to show potential clients their custom made goods when what they really wanted was to be in the back workshop making their own individual projects. Kylie’s specialty was dining room sets, which meant she wore a thick apron and goggles to protect herself and was perpetually covered in sawdust.
And she did mean covered in sawdust. Wood flakes dusted her hair and stuck to her exposed arms, and if she’d been wearing any makeup today, they’d have been stuck to her face as well. In short, she was not looking how she wanted to be looking while facing this man again. Not even close. “Joe,” she said in careful greeting.

He gave her a single head nod.

Okay, so he wasn’t going to talk first. Fine. She’d be the grown-up today. “What can I do for you?” she asked, fairly certain he wasn’t here to shop for furniture. He wasn’t exactly the domesticated type.

Joe ran a hand through his hair so that the military short, dark, silky strands stood straight up. He wore a black T-shirt stretched over broad shoulders, loose over tight abs, untucked over cargos that emphasized his mile-long legs. He was built like the soldier he’d been not too long ago, as if keeping fit was his job—which, given what he did for a living, it absolutely was. He shoved his mirrored sunglasses to the top of his head, revealing ice blue eyes that could be hard as stone when working, but she knew that they could also soften when he was amused, aroused, or having fun. He was none of those three things at the moment.

About That Kiss

Admit it, you’re intrigued, right? 🙂 Leave a comment, three of you will win any Heartbreaker Bay backlist!

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  1. I was trying to breath last night so I got up to medicate & was so happy to have that show up on my Kindle so I started it & plan on doing some reading today.

    Love already.

  2. Morning Jill,
    Lol ,yes am intrigued. I had that on my wish list . So it will be on
    My kindle fire later. I’ve read all the other ones.
    Thanks for the laughter and romance.


  3. Oh My Heavens! Yes Ma’am, you have certainly grabbed my attention. I can see that this is a book I will Need. Joe sounds as if he would be lovely to look at…whether he is happy or not.

    Thanks for this introduction.

  4. Oh my goodness!! Yes! I’ve been waiting for Joe’s book!!!! What a hottie!!!! Can’t wait to read this one!!

  5. Congratulations on the new book. Your books take the your readers to another place. I am adding this to my wish list to buy after I get moved sometime next month.

  6. Most anticipated book in the series! It showed up on my Kindle last night so I’ve already started reading it. First laugh right off the bat when she goes into the pub. =0)
    Can’t wait to see what else is in store! Love it so far!!

  7. Arrived in my Kindle Library at 12.10am UK time.. started reading it and didn’t stop until the end. Loved it and the preview of your next novel (which I could happily have read the whole of and foregone any sleep)

  8. Congratulations on the new book! You’ve got me intrigued already. Can’t wait to read it 😍

  9. Pre-Ordered it on Audible. (I have a 2+ hour ride one way to work into DC so that’s my “Shalvis” time. LOL BTW, LOVE Karen White’s reading and interpretation. She’s brilliant.

  10. This is when I especially love my kindle. I wake up and there is your book and I can start reading while in my pjs with a cup of tea. Doesn’t look good for all those chores I was supposed to do today. Congrats Happy Release Day!

  11. I will buy 2 copies, one for me and one for the open house gift basket. Sounds like you got another great books one your hands.
    (but all your books are great books).

  12. I discovered your books at Christmas and since then have not been able to put them down until I have read everything you have!

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