Happy Hump Day

So … ABOUT THAT KISS comes out in less than a week now. What’s it about?

Forced to contact a fixer who never called her after a kiss, a woman desperate to recover a precious stolen object makes discoveries that compel both to give their relationship a chance.

What do we think? Oh, and I thought maybe you’d like to see pics of how I see the men in this one. First up, Vinnie. He’s VERY important to Kylie, our heroine.

And then there’s Joe, who’s not bad either…

Let me know what you think. Three of you will win a copy of ABOUT THAT KISS!

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  1. I agree Vinnie is so cute & Joe is very handsome. You always have a good vision of what the characters look like.

    Thank you for all you do for your fans.

  2. Well, Vinnie is absolutely adorable. He looks as though he would treat a woman sweetly.

    Joe looks lovely. And if he did not treat a woman sweetly, she would not give a darn….cause for a little while she could look at Joe.

  3. Vinnie – I’m in love. Crazy about those Frenchies. Joe – I’m in LUST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. While Joe is a tad good looking, my heart has to go to Vinnie. Same breed of dog as one of my bosses, and her dog’s name is Winnie. Coincidence? LOL Winnie’s photos are posted daily on my boss’s FB page as well as cute little quips to go along with each photo.

  5. I’ve been eagerly awaiting Joe and Kylie’s story! I think he’s one of the sexiest book heroes you’ve ever written and that’s just from getting glimpses of him in the previous books! The pic certainly gives off that image! Yum! And Vinnie! Sooo cute! Can’t wait!

  6. Can’t wait! The only complaint i ever have about your books is that i finish them much too fast.

  7. MMMMMMMM got to love the image for Joe but as I am married would have to just settle for the gorgeous Vinnie. I do love the dogs in your books. I have 4 dogs of my own 3 are rescue/rehomed and I love them all. They do love to snuggle up when I sit down with a book.

  8. Love guys who are “fixers”, especially if they look like this. 😊. Frenchies are adorable little pups. Can’t wait for this book!

  9. What do I think? I would love a pocket pup, and I would love your list of bookmarks for finding pics of hot men! 😍 I will be SO GLAD when next week comes – I shot my Christmas book quota in about 3 days, and re-reading is becoming tiresome.

  10. Both males are GORGEOUS! I am SO looking forward to this book! I FREAKING LOVE THIS SERIES!!! ❤️

  11. O BOY! tough to decide. I have pre ordered this and it cannot get to my house soon enough.

  12. Jill…..you absolutely excellent eyesight! Marvelous visions! Vinnie is precious & Joe is wonderfully X-rated! Can’t wait to read this next book!!

  13. Vision board are so helpful 😉. Can not wait for this to come out. Your brand of humor is just what I need in my life right now (so thanks for that).

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