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I was cleaning out my drawers and realized something shocking. I had 35 different chapsticks and lip glosses.


Apparently I unintentionally horde lip care. Who knew? 😈

How about you, what do you unintentionally horde? Not intentionally, mind you. For example, I intentionally horde cookies. I’m asking what do you unintentionally horde?

(I’ll be drawing three random commenters who will win my upcoming ABOUT THAT KISS!!!)

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  1. I have a few groceries I buy each week without checking like shredded cheese or tomato sauce. Sometimes it looks like I hoard some of those items.

  2. Socks and slipper Socks! I never realized I had so many until they start spilling out into another drawer. I had some with tags on then! I have a bunch away, got down to one drawer and what happens I got more for Christmas! Lol!

  3. Bookmarks. There are so many pretty ones out there that I can’t resist. The funny thing is that 95% of my reading is on my Kindle but I still can’t resist those bookmarks!

  4. Ink pens. Even though I throw away the old one and give away some of the good ones I always seem to have several dozen ink pens around the house. They must be reproducing because I know I haven’t purchased that many.

  5. Unintentionally ? It’s those travel sized things of lotion (shampoo and conditioner too).

    I intentionally horde chocolate. No apologies. It is necessary.

  6. Kleenex & Advil, can’t find either when I need but when I clean out my purse or clothing pockets find a lot!

  7. Twist ties from the supermarket. I looked in my drawer in the kitchen and found that the snack size bag I had them in was overflowing. Oops! LOL
    I use them all the time for different things. For example, instead of locks on my suitcases, I tie them together with those ties. I also use them to tie random wires together, like all the ones in the back of the computer. It’s easier than undoing those plastic binders.

  8. It really is unintentional, but its skincare. Honestly, how many moisturizers and face masks does one person need? Apparently a ton!

  9. Eye liner – I found one that I really like & have to order it instead of finding it in a store. When it goes on sale I buy at least half a dozen so I don’t run out.

  10. Hair ties. I don’t mean to, but somehow they multiple in dark. Have about 50+. In the same drawer as the 20+ chapsticks. πŸ˜‚

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