Your morning crack

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So I’m wondering … what’s your morning crack– er, I mean drink needs? For me, it’s tea. I’m quite the tea hound. I prefer peach or raspberry flavored but I’m not picky at all. That said, God help the people in my orbit if I can’t get my hands on caffeine shortly after waking… 🙂

But I know most people are. So what is it that you must have in the morning? Asking for a heroine … 🙂

p.s. I’m drawing three random names from the commenters who will win my upcoming book About That Kiss.

137 Comments on “Your morning crack

  1. Morn, Am a tea drinker. Am a tea snob lol . I only drink Barry’s tea
    From Ireland. I order from there. Since I can’t get it here in the store’s.

  2. Orange juice-My grandmother told my mother coffee would stunt my growth. One sister drinks coffee and tea -she is 5’7″. My other sister drinks tea – she is 5’4″. I never learned to drink either – I am 5’2″ LOL

  3. Coffee or espresso. My hubby doesn’t try to talk to me until I’ve had a cup or 3. For some reason, I cannot drink tea 1st thing — it makes me nauseated.

  4. COFFEE W/ CREAM….yes I meant to capitalize that….don’t look at me let alone talk to me before I have had a cup of COFFEE W/ CREAM!!! One has better luck after I have had 2 cups of COFFEE W/ CREAM!!

  5. Tea. Twinings’ English Breakfast in a tea bag to be exact. The loose leaf version has too bright of a flavor. I need/want the heavier, darker taste in the tea bag. I’m not a morning person either, but I can’t drink tea right away. I have stomach issues so need my meds and food before I can drink tea.

  6. My morning crack is Green Mountain’s Wild Mountain Blueberry Coffee. It’s like a good regular cup of coffee with a hot buttered blueberry muffin right out of the oven. YUMMY

  7. Iced Tea. For a long time it was Diet Coke, but I gave up all sodas 5 years ago. Then it was just water for a long time. But for the last 6 months or so, it has been Iced Tea.

  8. I love bulletproof coffee with pumpkin spice. I’m not a huge coffee drinker so most days it’s tea, but it’s my go to for a boost of energy and healthy fats.

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