The tales of Frat Boy & Dumb Ass

I am HARD at work, writing outside in the woods as I tend to do. I have Frat Boy and Dumbass with me, and lo and behold, a group of five guys on bikes come through. All shirtless. All very nicely … proportioned. And what does Dumbass do? She leaps up from her nap at my feet and goes postal, scaring one of the guys into falling over. I pretended I didn’t know her but proud of herself that she’s conquered this threat, she trots right back to me. Gah. Dumbass is banned from writing time until further notice…

26 Comments on “The tales of Frat Boy & Dumb Ass

  1. Oh now, you can’t blame Dumbass – she’s just doing what a dog’s gotta do to protect the source of the food, and comfortable foot pillow. How manly can a guy on a bike be is one barking dog makes him fall over?? How would such a man cope with pine cone chucking squirrels? Sometimes you must ignore the physique and ask yourself the deeper questions.

  2. WTG Dumbass. Nice job protecting mom (and your source of treats), earning yourself a little social media exposure, and possibly securing a spot in a future book.

  3. Aw, Jill…she was just protecting you, as Alpha Man taught her to do. Especially with “hawt” guys… :wacko:

  4. Awwww look how precious she is, snuggling with your foot. She just wanted to give you a chance to admire the guys, just to say hi, she orchestrated it the only way she knew how.

  5. Did Frat Boy make it over to the man and get a crotch sniff in before the guy got back on his bike and rode away?

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