These two…

So these two are going to appear in next summer’s book and I can’t give you details … YET. But I am going to ask for your help.

Help me name them? If I pick your names, you’ll get next my book CHASING CHRISTMAS EVE!!!!

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  1. Sadie Grace and Emma Jane! Selfishly throwing my hat in the ring to have them named after my two. To suck up further, I adopted my Sadie right after you adopted yours who is the inspiration for her name!

  2. Our neighbor at our cottage when I was growing up had two English Sheep dogs and their names were Chumley and Dudley. Or, if one is a female, Dudley and Daisy or Chumley and Charlotte

  3. How about Squatch & Chewie? They look like sasquatch & Chewbacca when they’re on their hind legs like that. Kind of like very hairy naked people!

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