That’s my baby. On a cliff…

So Oldest went backpacking at Half Dome in Yosemite. If you’ve ever had the chance to see Half Dome in person, then you know how amazing a place it is. I’m betting at the very least you’ve seen pictures of the glorious peak in calendars and art galleries or online.

Bet you haven’t seen this picture. Oldest after an all day climb. She’s the little dot on the cliff.

Here she is on the right with her friends. I look at this picture and can feel my womb clutch. That is my baby. On a cliff. On purpose.

I can’t even climb a ladder without getting dizzy. Boggles the mind, doesn’t it?

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  1. I am right there with you Jill. Hard to watch our babies doing stuff but yet so proud of their accomplishments. Thank you for sharing. Hope you have a great day/weekend.

  2. Omg! I would be flipping out! I can’t do that either. I don’t like being in the balcony of a theater. Feel like I’m going to fall!

    I have a son who would do something like that!

    Brave girl!

  3. It makes me want to yell ‘get the heck back away from the edge’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. As a mom (and a fellow fear-of-heights advocate) I can tell you that seeing that picture made MY heart clutch! If it was MY baby out there (she’s only 12 now) I’d have the same reaction you did! I’ve been to Yosemite many times. I love Half Dome… from afar. I’ve seen the ladder one must climb to get up there… I could NEVER IN A MILLION YEARS, even if offered a MILLION DOLLARS, do it!!! Those are some seriously BRAVE SOULS!! Your daughter must be very brave and very strong to have made that climb. I’m sure along with the womb clutching there is a significant amount of pride in you little girl going out there and concurring that rock!

  5. You have to let them fly!!
    Live for today, tomorrow isn’t promised.
    I’m a Mother of child loss
    Not from climbing!
    Stupid car crash (at no fault of his own) 🙁

  6. I’m not afraid of heights, but I wouldn’t be able to be there on that cliff. Very brave girl and good for her that she can. Have a great weekend!

  7. Oh wow. Of course I recognize that place. Never realized it had a name. Very scary. She must be pretty proud of herself. No holding her back. She’ll remember that for the rest of her life.

  8. Wow. When I was a kid we stopped at grand canyon and I though that was something. I with you could never do what she did. God be with her and her friends. Have a great weekend.

  9. Boggles the mind…amazing for her! But there is NO way I’d be able to stay upright, let alone climb that high or for that long. I’m with you: put a ladder in the same room with me and I fall over. True story. :yes:

  10. Tell her to get down from there right now, and send her to her room! Argh, I’m dizzy just looking…

  11. Oh my word! My stomach dropped when I saw that first picture! I am afraid of heights, now I will get on a rollercoaster, but get me on anything high like this and I freak out. It is beautiful though!

  12. Wow, She has more nerve than I have!! You need to have a talk with her and tell her NOT to climb that cliff any more!!!

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