Thursday Tidbits

So I’m on my deck writing away today when a bear just walks on by. He came within five feet and never even gave me a second look. Not sure whether I’m insulted or what. I have a pic of my view but not the bear because I fell out of my chair when he strode past and it took me too long to grab up my phone. None of you are surprised at this.

Oh! And GREAT AMAZING news! LOST AND FOUND SISTERS hit the USA Today bestseller list for the THIRD week in a row!!! I mean holy cow! You are all amazing and I’m grateful to have the best readers on the planet. I’m so happy I’m giving away a mug and bag today as seen below. Except not exactly as seen because that pic is sideways and hell if I can fix it…

I’ll draw a random commenter. Today’s question: If you’ve read LOST AND FOUND SISTERS, tell me your favorite scene. If you haven’t read it yet … why not? ๐Ÿ˜›

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  1. I haven’t read it because my Barnes and Noble didn’t have any copies in stock and you are one of my authors I have to have print copies of!

  2. I haven’t read it yet, but it’s in my “to buy” list for my kindle. I just have to wait for my book allowance to regenerate, sending a Kidlet off to grad school :wacko:

  3. I started reading the book the day it came out (pre ordered it ). Loved it. Loved the part of getting Mick to fix her leaky sink, kill bugs.; also climbing the tree to talk to her sister. I just enjoyed the way she jumped right in to begin a relationship with this sister she didn’t know she had.

  4. Oh my that is like asking to pick a favorite book. I loved this story so much.
    Her asking him to get the bug out of the tub was funny, the bee sting, her trying to gather eggs…etc

  5. I have read the book. To pick just one thing is hard, but I will choose interaction with the ex girlfriend. I liked Lena.

  6. I have not read it yet….fighting some health issues. I have all your books including Lost And Found Sisters and I will read it. I love each and every one of your books. I know this is another winner too and look forward to reading it soon.

  7. :good: when the regulars show up for breakfast and they decide to serve and they send her for eggs ….that scene was funny. Also, they handyman mistaken identity.

  8. One favorite scene? That’s tough! I just finished the book last night. I really like where Mick was opening Tilly’s eyes to how

    Much Quinn cares for her. Oh! The hospital scene with Tilly and Dylan! I loved them.
    I could go on….

    Thanks for such a great read!!!

  9. Congratulations! I have not yet read it. I am reading a 12 book series and am almost done with it! I am one of those that can’t read multiple books at one time. I like to finish a book or series (if the series is complete!) before I start the next book. But I promise that Lost and Found Sisters is the next one on my list! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Haven’t read it yet because I can’t afford to buy any new books till I get a better paying job. Fortunately, I have a TBR pile that includes some of your older books that I won at a Reader Appreciation event.

  11. Congrats Jill. There are too many favorite scenes to mention. Can I say it starts with Chapter 1 and goes all the way to the end?

  12. jill you are so funny !!! love to start my day with you !!! my favorite scene from lost and found sisters??? there are too many !! anything with a bug… any all banter between quinn and lena… bee sting… chickens… priceless !!! plus i absolutely loved your dedication and all of the mixed up files of tilly adams journal…

    stay away from the bears and bugs !!
    xo sister !!

  13. I have not read it yet, but it is on my hold list for both my local library and the Boston Public Library. So, very soon I hope. I can’t wait!

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