Happy Hump Day

Having July 4th in the middle of the week messed me up. It feels like a weekend and yet there’s work to do… Hate that. :unsure: But since it’s a Wednesday, I thought a hot guy writing inspiration pic might help us all.

Yeah? Maybe? I’d say this could be sexy Mick Hennessey from LOST AND FOUND SISTERS but I’m pretty sure Mick is more of a knit boxer type…. Which brings me to today’s question. Boxers, briefs or … ?

22 Comments on “Happy Hump Day

  1. Yes, this is a holiday that is hard to put on a Monday like they did some.
    Like you though it felt like the weekend.

    I guess briefs but whatever he is comfy in.

    Have a great day

  2. Can’t say that this pic inspires thoughts of work…it inspires other thoughts! :heart:

  3. Pic – Great! Thanks for the mid week visual! :good:

    Agreed; Mick would definitely be a knit boxer type. Works for me! :yahoo:

  4. Boxers. I say that from a medical point of view since boxers don’t scrunch up the guy’s junk and keeps the air circulating better. This may sound odd…but to me a guy smells funky all over if he wears briefs. Besides…they just look so darn cute in boxers.

  5. Yum. Thanks for the inspiration. I think he would look cute in anything he wanted to wear.

  6. As long as it isn’t a thong (I think they look ridiculous on men) then either will do.

  7. OH Thank you for that inspiration. It is hot and I am sweaty just coming in from shopping at Walmart and I saw him. Very nice. Not to cool down but to forget about sweating.

    Boxers just do it for me, of course nothing with very low suggestive jeans can do it also.

  8. What ever he prefers. Hubby goes with bikini briefs, older son wears knitted boxer briefs, and younger son prefers boxers.

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