So the fam dragged me to Costco. All I wanted to do was be alone and read my Kindle, but would anyone listen? NO. So we walk into Costco and I said “I have to go to the bathroom.”

This seemed reasonable to Alpha Man, and he headed off to the tool section.

I didn’t go to the bathroom. I went straight to the furniture aisle, sat, got comfy, and pulled out my Kindle. I figured I had at least half an hour before anyone realized I was missing.

I had five minutes…


But it was a good five minutes. Where is the most embarrassing place you’ve ever been caught sneaking a read?

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  1. Since I go everywhere with my kindle or book I’ve read standing in line at the check-out, on the table in the doctor’s office, and maybe even at my desk in my classroom.

  2. I am a bathroom reader as well. I have always been one. It has always been my alone time. That being said I have been caught by many people.

  3. Ive been known to walk down the sidewalk and read.It’s not really embarrassing but it might turn out that way if you run into anything

  4. Well now that I have my Kindle, I can read in bed when I can’t sleep in the middle of the night and not need a light that would wake up the husband.

  5. In the birthing room while my sister was in labor. I was sitting off to the side, back towards the wall. When my sister realized I was what I was doing, she made me read out loud to distract her in-between contractions. LOL :mrgreen:

  6. In church. But, in my defense, Mass had not started yet, and I was at a critical point (read really hot, sexy part) of the book. My mother, who was 84 at the time and practically blind, glanced over at me, had a near fit, and started praying to God not to take her daughter to hell. So, I put my iPad away and sat through Mass like a good Catholic. But she still proceeded to tell everyone, family and friends, at lunch after Mass

  7. I was reading in the liaundry room. I couldn’t put the book down as it was a really good part. My husband came in and said “what are you doing?” Really loud. Omg, I jumped a mile, almost dropped my ereader and wet my pants.

  8. I read a book at a wedding reception once. I don’t think anyone realized I was reading until I got to a funny part.

  9. Church but it was a very long time ago. I use to get 10 books a month from Harlequin. I would read every where I can so I could get one group done before I would get the next. Hey it was time management.

  10. If I can’t get anytime alone time.I take my book to the bathroom.My husband will say are you ok it’s been a half an hr.

  11. In my car stretched out in the backseat taking a “break” from work . . . In the bathtub with my pillow and blanket – I told the kids I had to go to the “potty” . . .

  12. I have never been embarrassed getting caught because my nickname is kindle babe. I have 4 – take one everywhere I go. It is just expected if I get bored – I pull out my kindle. Always charged and ready to go!!!

  13. I was dancing with a blind date when I realized he was dancing me in place. I was reading the lyrics someone in the band had taped to a piece of equipment. When I looked up he was smiling but all the other couples had piled up behind us and they weren’t smiling.

  14. No one can embarrass me by catching me reading. Irritate me, yeah, big time. 😛

  15. My Hubby and I went to a fundraiser at a local pub, when the fundraiser was over we decided to stay for a while and enjoy the music. Hubby had to use the washroom and left me at the bar, while I waited for him I pulled out my phone and started to read. When he returned he just shook his head and laughed, you will read anywhere won’t ya? LOL

  16. This is great. Will have to try it at the Bar b que stores dear hubby loves. I don’t even bring him to the fabric shop. At Costco and Sam’S I try to get in my daily walk

  17. I have been caught reading in the closet at work where I was suppose to be doing the inventory. It was one of those rough days that I really needed to hide in a book and not deal with people which is really hard to do when you work the front desk in a hotel.

  18. I don’t remember a place or time where I got caught reading like this. I guess the saying ‘you aren’t any fun’ really does apply to me!

    You look comfy

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