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One of my favorite characters is teenage Tilly, who is FIERCE. In LOST AND FOUND SISTERS, she gets her own point of view. SNEAK PEEK:

Lost and Found Sisters

Tilly sighed and tossed and turned some more, stilling at a sudden ping of a rock on her window. Before she could get up, the window slid open and Dylan’s long, lanky body climbed in.

Her best friend in the entire world had a fat lip and a black eye.

“I told you to keep this locked,” he said. He was pissed.

And hurt.

Tilly drew him down to her bed to take care of him, like she did every time his asshole dad beat on him. She cupped his face, her eyes filling when she saw what had been done to him this time. “I want to kill him,” she whispered.

“Shh,” he said and closed his eyes.

There are always a few characters that I wish I could write forever. Tilly is one of them… I hope you give LOST AND FOUND SISTERS a try. It’s a bigger story than I usually tell, with more relationships. Complicated relationships. Sisters. Lovers. Friends… But because it’s me, I can promise you laughs and heat and feels. Okay? You all still with me? I hope so! Anyway, if you’re feeling it, keep an author employed and preorder here.

Before you go, I’m wondering when you read me (and I hope you do, lol!), do you read me in print or digital?

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  1. I mostly read you in digital but if I get lucky to win a book or see you at a signing then I read you in print. So I guess my real answer is ‘both’! lol

  2. I much prefer holding the actual book in my hands. I LOVE to underline quotes. I have boxes & boxes of books & many more boxes of books supporting my love of actual book!!

  3. Yes, I read all your books, even the old ones if I can get them. I usually read print if they’re available. I got my sister hooked too. First book was Lucky in Love (a summer read).

  4. E-book. I always have my library with me. Never have to make sure I take enough print books with me when on vacation. I can download a lot of books before I go.

  5. Both. I love my e-reader for convenience, but sometimes I just need to have the feel of a “real ” book.

  6. I read your books as soon as they are available. I only read print because I get migraines from e-readers.

  7. I can’t wait for this. I have a whole day set aside during my vacation to get an uninterrupted Jill Shalvis fix.

    I read with the Kindle app on my phone. I always have a good book or hundreds at hand.

  8. I preorder everything you write the minute it’s available. Had to switch to digital to save money, but I miss sharing books with friends.

  9. Digital. After reading the book, I loved Ken to listen to the Audiobook while I do other things. B

  10. I read in both print and digital….love the convenience of my Kindle where I can always have great books at the ready wherever I am Looking forward to your latest

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