A confession

So it is wrong that I changed Alpha Man’s name in my phone to Roarke, and now when he calls my phone announces “A call from Roarke…”

Or that sometimes I change Roarke to Ranger?

Or that I get a secret little thrill when Ranger actually calls me? 😳

Tell me something silly that you do. Or that you’ve seen. I’m drawing names from commenters today. A few random winners will get a copy of my upcoming LOST AND FOUND SISTERS!

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  1. lol. I just wish I had someone I could label “Roarke”. You have a great sense of imagination!

  2. I changed my best friend’s photo in my phone to Captain America so every time she calls Chris Evans pops up. My daughter even once said “Mom, Captain America is calling you.”

  3. I am superstitious. When I watch the Dodgers, if they are doing well I keep whatever paper, pens or whatever in the same postion they are in, same goes for sitting position. Crazy I know.

  4. My husband is really smart. A computer geek type of guy and he loves Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I sometimes kid with him about having a brain the size of a planet, yet he lowers himself to do mundane things like fix my washing machine. BTW I know you hate spiders, but I really hate termites. It’s the season for swarming right now and my house is under attack. They love to swarm during dinner which is really gross. We found evidence they could be coming from one of the bathroom walls so now that room is dead to me. I keep the door closed all the time and I no longer weigh myself as the scale is in there. Oh well.

  5. That’s so cool. I read both of those authors so I know exactly who you’re talking about. One of my fantasies as well.

  6. Love this idea. Could be so fun to rename my sons and brothers. I do have a special ringtone for some people. Dear hubby (an LSU grad) has the opening bars of the LSU band’s Tiger Rag, my brother (from Louisiana). JAmbalaya, my sister-in-law- Michelle -her name). Our son who loves the Beatles – Imagine. Our oldest son who loves Jim Croce – Time in a Bottle. Have a great day

  7. I call my husband Howard (after Howard Hughes-OCD Expert) when he comes home from work and thinks everything should be sparkling clean as I’ve had nothing but that to do all day. I refer to him as Einstein when he states the obvious to me. Perhaps I should work a little harder on my sarcasm and give him sexier names? But I do have Pentatonix singing “Hallelujah” when he calls, to remind me that I’m lucky to have him in my life. I get points for that right?

  8. I have Slash, Guns and Roses lead guitarist as the screen saver on my phone and have for years. Not my kids, not my pets, Slash. I have a tiny bit of a crush.

  9. My husband has a crush on the local weather girl in Chicago. She is a cute little thing and is all of 30 years old. I tell him he only watches her for her boobs. Everytime I see her on the news I tell him “hey honey PB is on” which means perky boobs. He just laughs but makes a beeline for the tv.

  10. I love that. My only advice to you is NOT to start answering when the name EVE is shouted out because I don’t think you can react with the necessary speed and competence – i.e.,caliber and laser capability.

  11. Each son and husband on my phone has a song as a ringtone. That way if i dont want to talk I dont answer. Actually, that doesn’t happen too often. I really like knowing who is calling.

  12. If I stop at the grocery store during off peak hours I like to cruise down the frozen foods aisle and make all the lights in the cases come on. My daughter picked up the habit and does it at her grocery store too.

  13. When I get money from bank for week,I would come home and put on my husband’s pillow and tell him thanks for his services. He would tell me he was worth more. .

  14. My confession is that I have lost three of my Dad’s sisters in the last seven years and I still have their names and phone numbers in my phone. In fact when I changed to a different cell carrier I asked if my contact would transfer over. They said they should. They done the transfer, the salegirl handed me my phone I checked, they were all there. We are standing talking and my phone rang. It was my Aunt Catherine. She died five years ago! I turned the phone so my daughter could see it. I answer it and there is no one there. That’s my confession.

  15. I once had my husband saved as “Hunka Burning Love” until he saw it and nearly flipped out! I called my “Hunka” and when his phone started to ring in his hand, he laughed.

    1. Wow, wish I had a guy I could call Ranger! Thankfully I don’t do this all the time but I got off the elevator on the 2nd flr, went to restroom. When I came out instead of going to the room I needed I got back on the elevator and pressed 2 repeatedly and wondering out loud why it wouldn’t take me to the 2nd floor! Finally, I realized I was already on the 2nd floor. whew too much on my mind.

  16. I have a friend that names the things she has on her desk. She has a bunny statue that she calls Sir Windsor and she talks to him all the time.

  17. Nice always a surprise call. Lol. Change it to hot man calling! lol
    Your since of fun is what keeps your books such fun! Thanks. Have a wonderful day.

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