Thursday’s Tidbits

So. We’ve had a little snow in Tahoe. Or, you know, a lot. Just up the road at Squaw Valley Ski Resort, they just announced they’re keeping the ski lifts running until July 4th. Let me repeat that. You can snow ski until July 4th.

Here at the house, it’s been odd. In some places of the yard, we’re down to dirt. In others, there’s still ten feet of snow. This is the view out my front door.

Even the dogs are confused… Where are you and what’s your weather doing?

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  1. Our “snow” is yellow pollen. I had to use the windshield wipers it was so thick this morning. The whole truck is yellow.

  2. MN – we’ve had rain, dreary damp weather, then will get 1 weekend nice day- then rain and more dreariness – we had threat of snow last week-

  3. SPAMTOWN U.S.A. – Austin, Minnesota. Cloudy right now (7:05 am CT) and 46° with winter precip…had thunderstorm last night.

  4. Here in Maryland this morning it’s gray and dreary, and a wee bit chilly. By afternoon, it should be in 80°, and raining. Not the best day, but not the worst either. B-) 🙂

  5. Central Texas & we are heading to mid 80s & humid but we have a cold front coming in Sat morning that will keep us dry & cool (low 70s) for most of next week. Our lows are going from mid 60s to low 50s. We only have a low chance for rain Sat morning other than that mostly sunny

  6. I’m afraid to admit I’m in Richmond, VA and it’s going to be 87 today. My allergies are going crazy, so I’m fairly miserable though. I used to live in Northern NJ and while we never got what you have there, we had our fair share of feet. You feel like it will never go away.

  7. Coastal North Carolina, it’ll be sunny and around 90 today. It’s hot, humid, and I’m stuck at work instead of the beach! :negative:

    1. What part of the coast? We vacation in the Outer Banks. We go to Ocracoke every year! Best place on Earth!

  8. I’m in Central Florida, along the Space Coast. At 9am, we’re already at 79°. It’s already getting ridiculously hot and no sign of rain to help our brush fire situation.

  9. Jill, if I lived where you lived, as beautiful as it looks in your pictures, as awesome as the lakes are in your pictures, I’m afraid I’d be screaming by now!! Winter is over, Spring is here, Summer is just around the corner!! Snow has no business still falling and just laying around getting dirty. However, that being said, I’m very glad that all this snow is helping the drought in California. So, I guess there is that!!
    BTW, it was 70 the other day here in Nova Scotia! Sorry!!!!

  10. Cincinnati, Ohio. Our weather lately has been between mid-60’s to low 80’s but we are suppose to get rain that brings in a cold front for the weekend. The cold front depresses me because I am hosting my mother’s surprise 60th party at my house on Sunday and I was hoping to set some tables and chairs outside.

  11. WOW! We considered moving there years ago after spending our honeymoon there. Especially after he retired from AF. I love snow but that’s just a little too much for this Mississippi girl!! 5 years in South Dakota was enough!!

  12. I am in Va Beach, VA! Yesterday it was like 60 today it is going to be 80…tmrw 90! That’s right 9-0 in April! WTH? Then back in the 60s on Sat! My head is very painful!

  13. Hi Jill,
    I am in Peoria, AZ and it is 91 and sunny. You can fell sorry for me in July r August when it is 118 or hotter. Still I would take hot over cold any day. The pictures you post are gorgeous and I enjoy the snow from here.
    have a great day,

  14. Dallas, Texas & we were 71 at 6:30 with cloudy skies that are supposed to burn off. We’re supposed to be in the 80’s today.

  15. Skiing in the middle of the summer??? Crazy.

    I’m in Orlando where it’s absolutely gorgeous. Sorry. My view is sun and flowers. Unfortunately though we haven’t had any rain and the grass is not exactly green.

  16. Here on Long Island it is 54 degrees and raining. It was 80 degrees on Easter! Rain is supposed to stop this afternoon and begin again tonight. At least it is washing the pollen off the cars and keeping it down for now. Time to break out the Allegra and Benadryl.

  17. Wow, July 4th huh? Good for the resort I guess. In sunny Florida it’s hot already. Thank God for air conditioning! My daughter keeps threatening to leave the state for cooler climes as soon as she hits 18. The other is in Chicago at Great Lakes Naval Station and says she hates the weather there. Doesn’t say she misses Florida though. Personally I can handle the summer as long as I get to spend my winters here. Winter here is glorious. I used to live up north and I don’t miss all that snow one bit. I’ll just enjoy the photos, thank you very much. I’ve noticed that dogs like any kind of weather and can always seem to find a way to have some fun. Maybe we should be more like that.

  18. Here in Swansea, IL the weather is partly cloudy with a chance of showers. The high today will be in the 70’s. A cool front, is coming tomorrow, the high will only be in the 60’s. Which is fine with me.

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