Why I can’t be friends with Mondays

First of all, my phone died. As in even Apple can’t fix it. Which means I need to spend the day driving the hour and a half to the closest Apple store to stand in line forever.

Apple and I are not friends right now.

Second of all, I’m back from the LA event and heading to Austin for another reader event on Thursday. If you live anywhere near Austin, please come out and see me! (starts at 7pm, deets on my appearances tab above). This means another flight. The last flight was bumpy and the guy in front of us had gas. Like BAD gas.

Me and planes are not friends right now.

Third of all, my yoga pants are too snug. Now granted, I do not do yoga but hey. It seems like it should be really hard to make yoga pants get tight.

Me and stretch pants are not friends right now.

Maybe I just need a nap. Or cookies. But if I nap, I’ll miss my Apple appointment and if I eat cookies, my yoga pants aren’t going to ever be friends with me again. So I think I’ll just go write my book. I’m doing some finishing touches on Spence’s story from Heartbreaker Bay (CHASING CHRISTMAS EVE). Anyone out there looking forward to reading that one? I sure hope so because now THAT would help make my @#$!# Monday.

p.s. The Wilder brothers (INSTANT ATTRACTION, INSTANT GRATIFICATION, and INSTANT TEMPTATION are on digital sale for $0.99 so run don’t walk, that sale won’t last another day I bet!!!!!)

39 Comments on “Why I can’t be friends with Mondays

  1. Sounds like you could use another weekend. I think the saying when it rains it pours applies here.

    Hope you have a better day. :good: :bye:

  2. Not many people like Mondays. However, this Monday (as in today) is my Friday. I just got home from a 12 hour overnight shift and am now off for several days. And no one tried to kill me at work (I’m a psychiatric nurse in an ER), so that counts as a good night. As for yoga pants, many people have the issue of snugness.

    The bigger question is this: When are you coming to Charlotte?


  3. I have it pre-ordered. Go get some new yoga pants, eat a snack pack of cookies (those packages are so small they don’t count in your daily C.I., cookie intake) and Google some hot men. Google them good Jill.

  4. Sound like a nice drive to get a new phone. A good time to think of new story. A plot or a great story line. Or just relax an enjoy the drive. The phone part still is though. Have a sunny day!

  5. It must be Phone breakdown Monday!!!!
    I don’t wear yoga pants..lol..I wear leggings and a freaking knee brace..
    I live in south Texas, your about 3 hours away.. sighhhhh
    Your day will get better..go walk with Frat Boy and then…go to the apple store.and people watch. Great characters for books..lol..As for your yoga pants..Alpha man probly dried them in the dryer on high.. hugs Sweet Girl.

  6. You aren’t the only one that is upset with Apple right now.I have been having problems with my IPhone for a week now and no one at Verizon knows what’s wrong with it and the Apple store is three hours away from me..and that sucks!!!

  7. The Wilderness brothers are my favorite. I want Cameron. And I’m looking forward to Spencer’s story.

  8. looking forward to “chasing christmas eve”!!!!! hope your monday gets better!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Can you steal away for some “me time”, like a manicure? (I’m guessing there are 1-2 manicurists in the big, bad Sierras? )

    You’ve had a busy time, hope you get a few moments to breathe. Thanks so much for all you do.

  10. Can’t wait for the next book! And sounds like you need a working vacation with an ocean view!!

  11. My iPad died, so I’m also not happy with apple. It sounds like you need a very quiet vacation! Happy signings. Thank you for the book. Your books always make me smile.

  12. I am looking forward to all your next books!! (But especially Spence’s right now). Hope your Monday looks up very soon!! Best of luck making friends with your yoga pants again… because if you’re not friends with the stretchy pants, there’s not much hope for the other pants either. :rose:

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