Today’s writing view

Standing on the shores of Lake Tahoe and so happy to report that for the first time in years, it looks full.

And it was a glorious 60 degrees yesterday. We still have 12 feet of snow in our front yard but at least I could climb up on top and sit out in the sun in a lawn chair to write. And don’t think I didn’t do that.

How about you, how’s your spring so far?

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  1. Strange weather here – warm then cold then warm & back to cold. But summer will be hot here in central Texas.

    So glad the lake is full again.

  2. Strange weather hear, snow on Sunday. Rain and 40% yesterday,50 today and back down to 20% tonight just up and down weather but so glad you got water back in your Lake.

  3. Well in southern Delaware, Laurel, we have rain. Heavy at times and very windy. My trees are out there dancing to and fro. Just hope they stay where they are and not break off and fall over. I am very glad to say in the southern part of the state we do not have the snow.

    Glad you had a break in the temp even though you have so much snow and yes your lake looks very nice.

  4. We’re getting a blizzard in Vermont today!! Mother Nature has decided to remind us that we live in Vermont and thus although she sent spring like weather last 2 weeks ago (60″s) today she shall send 18+ inches of snow… Ugh.. A friend and I were just reminiscing about Man Wars!! We sure could use that toady to get thru this ick falling from the sky!!

  5. Snowing here in Chicago for the 2nd day. Luckily only a few inches expected although I could use enough snow to have a snow day at home.

  6. I have been admiring your snow from afar….and now we are getting a winter storm here in New Jersey! Still not a fan. At least I get to stay home today and don’t have to go to work! They predicted 12-24 inches of snow… down to 6-12. Glad that the lake is full….after your snow melts, it will be overflowing! Enjoy your 60 degree temps! You deserve them after the winter you had, you deserve them.

  7. Well, winter finally made a showing here in the WMA. We have about an inch of snow and several inches of ice! I can’t complain though. I bemoaned we hadn’t had any winter, and Mother Nature decided to give me a big dose of ‘be careful what you wish for’ … :yes: :whistle: :yes: LOL

  8. When West is warm, the East is cold… 33° In No.VA, inch of snow followed by two inches of sleet overnight, itty bitty flurries falling now. Glad for good news re: Tahoe.

  9. That view (with all the water)has been gone a long time — it certainly IS the best! I’d have to say it is warm, in the 80-90 degree range. Little early but what can you do. I figure I could be back east where they are expecting all the snow. Hey, I was born there, in a ‘gale’ snowstorm, all those years ago (in a few days) so March has always had crazy weather. Huh. Maybe my mother was right: March IS crazy, just like the people born in it! :yahoo:

    Be safe, Jill! You know that chair could sink into the snow… :yes:

  10. Raining and about mid 50s in Oregon. I’ll take that over the snow any day. Sorry East coast!

  11. Wish I could trade you. We’ve had temps in the 90’s this week. Much too hot for what should still be winter. Ugh!

  12. We were close to 60 last week, today in CT we are having blizzard conditions…. no clue how much snow the way the wind is blowing it around. But they were predicting 18 to 24 inches. And I am hoping it comes in with the lesser of the two. Mother Nature is making me dizzy though… :wacko:

  13. SURPRISE…it’s sunny and warm in El Paso Texas. We will be having record highs this week…. 85 today and getting warmer each day with Sunday at 91!!

  14. 😎 Sunny, warm with lots of flowers in bloom & pollen!! It is beautiful & I am enjoying before summer heat hits. The paper is predicting 79 for our high today. A lovely time of year. Slight possibility of some rain/showers tomorrow! Typical March weather,changeable. 🙂 Enjoy your good weather Jill.

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