Packing help

So I’m packing for the hospital stay after spine surgery tomorrow. And it’s not going well. I have pj’s, a toothbrush, cookies, and a charged ereader. I mean really, with those four things, I could go anywhere, right? Maybe I’ll make a detour to…

A deserted island…

Or the set of Supernatural to watch them film my favorite show…

Or England to visit some castles…

Or the Nabisco factory…

How about you, if you could go anywhere right this minute, where would ya go?

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    1. You might want to think about exactly where as we are just coming out of winter and in most places south of Sydney, it’s still a bit rainy and windy :-).

  1. I had a spinal fusion about 5 years ago at L5-S1. Really and truly, your toothbrush, a couple of pair of underwear (they won’t let you wear them for the first couple of days, at least) and your e-reader will be enough. As long as I had a pain pump, I really just slept. When they took away the good meds, I was doing some PT, reading, and sleeping. Good luck; I hope you recover well and it all goes smoothly!

  2. The beach for sure. I will be thinking of you tomorrow. Please let us know how it goes xoxo.

  3. Don’t forget you power cords to recharge the ereader and phone. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’d probably head back up to the Tetons before it gets cold.

  4. Hope tomorrow goes smoothly and you are back blogging in no time. Will be thinking of you and wondering what is coming out of your delicious mind when on drugs….LOL
    Good luck tomorrow.

  5. Scotland…yeah, definitely Scotland. I’m confident everything will go well for you tomorrow! Keep us posted!

  6. I’d head to the beach. My allergies would clear up and I could read under an umbrella all day.

    Will be keeping you in my prayers. Please post an update once you are feeling better.

  7. To Seoul (South Korea) – there is a coffee shop called “Coffee Smith” near the artificial stream in the city centre where they make brownies to kill for. And it’s warm there with summer and all ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. The beach for sure, so I could just read all day!! Wish you the best of luck tomorrow and I will keep you in my prayers.
    P.S. Don’t eat any cookies for at least 8 hrs.

  9. I’d head to New York City — always recharges my batteries! — or a beach in Hawaii. Sigh. Now I wanna get away. And I have company coming for the weekend.

    Take care, Jill! Sending good and healing thoughts your way!! And the Bay Area ALWAYS has great food…and cookies… :>)

  10. Hope all goes well. Will be thinking of you often. Forget the p.js, just take the underwear. They want to see all of you all the time to make sure you’re okay – the perverts. A hospital is not a place for privacy.

    I’d pack right now for a six month trip to Ireland, Scotland and England…and if I love it, I might stay forever.

  11. In addition to packing the chargers for your ereader and phone, pack an extension cord so you can have the phone and ereader charging on the rolling table by your bed and not all the way across the room. Cuz you KNOW, THAT’S when the phone will ring, and you won’t be able to get out of bed to get it! Praying for you to have a successful surgery and a good recovery. Remember — that morphine drip is your best friend! Well, that and a hunky nurse to check on you, lol.

  12. I would love to be able to go to Ireland, Scotland and England for a nice long extended trip. But a quick trip to the North Georgia mountains would be nice too.

    Hope your surgery goes well. Don’t forget to pack the chargers for your electronics!!!

  13. I’d like to be on a cruise. Don’t care where!!

    Good luck with your surgery. Hope you’re good as new very soon.

  14. Scotland to watch some kilts fly in some highland games. And listen to them so I would melt to butter.

  15. I would go to an Hawaiian Beach with the nice breeze.

    With your packing, I packed all that stuff and then couldn’t use any of it. They gave me a toothbrush, kept me in those lovely couture gowns that hospitals have, and even gave me a comb. Never once did they get my bag out of the locker!

    Best of luck on your surgery. I will be praying for you that all goes extremely well!

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