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IT’S HERE, IT’S HERE!!! Oh sorry, did I yell that?

IT’S IN HIS KISS is finally available for purchase wherever you buy your books, whether that’s Walmart or Target or BN or iBooks or Amazon or wherever floats your boat.

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Sorry, I’m a little excited to be finally releasing the first of the last Lucky Harbor trilogy. Want a sneak peek? Ask and ye shall receive:

“Okay, great. Hold please,” Sam said, and punched the hold button on the phone. He took a deep breath and strode out of the warehouse and to their “yard.” This led to the waterfront. There they had a dock, where their fifty-foot Wright Sport was moored.

Hours ago, Tanner—their scuba diving instructor and communications expert—had texted Sam that he was working on their radio system.

“Hey,” Sam called out to him. “How about answering a damn phone call once in a while?”

“You’re the one inside,” Tanner said, not stopping what he was doing, which didn’t look to be work so much as sunbathing. Not that he needed it with the mocha skin he’d inherited from his mother’s Brazilian roots. He’d stripped to a pair of board shorts, a backward baseball cap, and reflective aviator sunglasses, and was sprawled out on his back, face tilted up to the sun.

“Busy, are you?” Sam asked drily.

“Cole and I chartered the midnight cruise last night and didn’t moor until three a.m.”

“And you slept until two p.m., so what’s your point?”

Tanner lifted a middle finger.

Sam gave up and strode up to the smaller building—a hut really—that they used as their front office and greeting area. The rolling door was up when they were open for business and shut when they weren’t.

It was up now, and Cole was sitting behind the front counter. He was their captain, chief navigator, and mechanic, and was currently hen-pecking at the keyboard of his laptop. The fingers stopped when Sam reached into the bucket beside the counter and pulled out one of their water guns. The thing had been touted as a squirt gun, but the more apt term would have been cannon. Sam weighed it in his hands, decided it was loaded enough, and turned back to the door.

“What the hell are you doing?” Cole asked.

“Going to spray the hell out of Tanner.”

“Nice,” Cole said, fingers already back to hen-pecking. “Carry on.”

Sam stopped in the doorway and stared at him in surprise. Cole was their resident techno-geek. He wore cargo pants with handy pockets and could fix just about anything at any time with the ingenuity of a modern-day MacGyver. And he always, always, objected to fighting among their ranks. “What’s up?” Sam asked him.

“Trying to work. Go away.”

“If you’re working so damn hard, why aren’t you answering the phones?”

Cole lifted his head and blinked innocently. “Phones? What phones? I didn’t hear any phones.”

“Shit.” Sam shook his head. “We need to get that damn ad in the paper.”

Cole’s fingers clicked one last key with dramatic flair. “Done,” he declared. “Ad placed.”

“What does it say?” Sam asked.

Cole hit a few more keys. “Looking for self-motivating admin to answer phones, work a schedule, greet customers with a friendly attitude, and be able to handle grumpy-ass bosses named Sam.”

Sam arched a brow. “You’d push the buttons of a guy holding a loaded water cannon?”

Not looking worried in the slightest, Cole smiled and reached down beneath the counter, coming up with his own loaded cannon, which he casually aimed at Sam. “You forget who bought these.”

“Shit.” He turned to go.

“You’re forgetting something else,” Cole said.

Sam looked back.

“Tanner’s ex-profession as a Navy SEAL.”

“Shit,” Sam said again, lowering the cannon. He was pissed, not stupid.

“Good choice.”

“Line one’s for you,” Sam said.

Need help finding where to purchase? Again, let me help ya out:
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Now because I love release days, FIVE of you will win my NEXT book, HE’S SO FINE, coming out 9/30. All you have to do is name a scene from an earlier Lucky Harbor novel, any of them. 😛 Go!

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  1. When the cops are look at the pine tree pencil pot that Ali gave Teddy and “Took Back” because he didn’t deserve it. – Had to be you.

  2. Omg! Not sure I can name only one my mind is racing. Okay I loved the outside shower scene with Sawyer and Chloe. I have to say I love Lucille in every scene though.

  3. When Chloe was testing the natural mud in the swamp and Sawyer found her in Head Over Heels. Chloe and Sawyer are one my favourite couples and I loved all their interactions!

  4. When Ben messed up Aubrey’s car so he could drive her to do her errands in once in a lifetime!

  5. I read only one book of yours so far, because I just met you a few weeks ago as an author. I read At LAst and my favourite scene was the camping scene. The heroine is a city girl and she is a little clumsy and injures herself. Than he comes… ranger Matt! 🙂

  6. The pier in any of the Lucky Harbor books (good things tend to happen here) and anytime Lucille is around.

  7. I loved when Ford stopped by the Inn and was only in shorts with his sweaty chest, which totally threw Tara for a loop! Oh and did I mention Ford was teasing her just to get a rise out of her? Yeah, loved it!

  8. The scene in Once in a Lifetime where Aubrey gets trashed with her friends and then goes over to Ben’s house to hash things out with him, and her friends are all listening through the window of the house next door.

    I can’t wait to read It’s In His Kiss. Every new book in the series feels like going back to visit old friends.

  9. The one that always stands out to me is when sisters Maddie, Tara, and Chloe fall asleep under their Christmas tree after a little too much wine and decorating… and before the fire!

  10. I love the scene with Chloe and Sawyer in the shower. Or the Scene where Jax walks in on Maddie on the dryer! 🙂

  11. Jax giving Maddie an Orgasm whenever she needed it. Even in the attic or on top of the washing machine

  12. Grace talking to herself/Josh’s dog as she begins the chase in Forever & a Day. Congratulations on your new release! 🙂

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