Thursday’s Feel Good

LOVED the message in this video, hope you do too!

p.s. Thanks to Oldest for always sending me the good stuff!

13 Comments on “Thursday’s Feel Good

  1. Love the video!! But what I really love is a chance to win the giveaway, you and Lori Foster have going on. Would love to have a signed book from y’all.

  2. Loved the message. All young people should feel true only to themselves and their feelings…in the end they’d learn to be strong adults. Loved the butt shake in the tutu, don’t see that very often, if at all…cute.

  3. Normally not a Taylor Swift fan but I Loved that song! It’s gonna be in my head all day:) Thanks, Jill Shalvis!

  4. Not sure how this is Country Music, but it’s a great song anyway and she does a good job with it.

    How crazy do you want to get with your reading? Ann Jacobs is really steamy, so is Portia Da Costa (In Too Deep is a scream!). Susan Mallery’s High-Powered Hot Blooded is a fave of mine (LOVE Duncan and Annie!). I also read Patricia Cornwell, Kathy Riechs and Robert Tannenbaum (legal thrillers). I would stay away from Robin Cook. Somehow, I don’t think you need to be reading hospital-related medical thrillers while you’re IN the hospital!

    Hope all goes well for you today!

    1. Heather, Taylor is releasing a pop album. Not sure if she is leaving country altogether but heard that her next album is straight pop. I like the song…great message.

  5. That was amazing!!! Love the message paired with self-deprecating humor. Thanks for posting it!

  6. We are a household of Taylor fans and were all excited to hear she has a new album coming out. Love this song. Red was more pop than country to me, and I’ve read that this one is all pop. I shared the lyrics with my school principal because I bet a lot of kids could stand to learn how “shake it off”!

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