All in a summer’s job

Update: Winners, randomly drawn, are: Kris A. and Barbara C. Email me with your choice of print or ebook, and your addy!

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So Middle and Youngest are working as lifeguards this summer. Be afraid, people. They have whistles and they know how to use them.

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So make sure you walk and not run …


Which reminds me to ask … what was/is your favorite summer job you ever had? I’ll be drawing two names, winners will get THEN CAME YOU on the day of release. ๐Ÿ˜›

p.s. for those of you with ereaders, there’s a special right now with three of my firefighters in one volume for $4!

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  1. Well, lifeguarding was my LEAST favorite job – I couldn’t stay awake!

    Probably my favorite summer job was being a kid – riding bikes, swimming, hanging out with friends… that was the BEST!

  2. Babysitting, but riding my bike all day long in the mountains of PA was the best. I loved, loved my childhood.

    BTW…have we heard about those tats?

  3. Babysitting was my favorite summer job. Thank you for letting me know about your firemen being available I now own them. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Being a “stay-at-home” mom and taking the kids to the pool in the afternoons.

  5. I worked in a private kindergarten for kids ages 1-3 year old. I really loved working with small kids, they are so cute I also used to babysit a lot.

    Good luck to Middle and Youngest at their job ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Lifeguard and swim instructor – for the 8 summers of high school and college – so much sun and fun…the hardest thing to do after college was get a “real” job inside a building – it was a killer!!

  7. My favourite summer job? I don’t think I’ve got one like that.
    I’ve good memories about peole from them and after they ended, the celebration….
    I mean… few summers when I was a kid and stayed with my father, I joined a “malev” a student working organisation for summer.
    I mean we picked strawberries… not good thing, sun shining and it’s all hot… but you could eat as many you want and you’d have friends all around.

  8. It wasn’t working at the laundry feeding ten ironing machine. I did like working as a waitress at Wimpy’s in Thornton Ca. I worked the dinner shift so it could fish all day.

  9. I have not had a favorite summer job. I worked in Human Resources for my first job. Lots and lots of filing. I’ve also worked as telemarketer, which was the worst job ever. I wanted to cry everyday that I went to work. I worked at my hometown church one summer. It wasn’t bad but some days were super long and boring.

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