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Today I have to go have another MRI for my back. This one is to determine exactly how much fusion will be going on in my back surgery. The problem is the last time I had an MRI, I discovered something I didn’t know about myself. I’m claustrophobic. The MRI machine was in a really tight little tube and though I started off okay, the bliss didn’t last. The tech guy piped in some music for me but that is about the best thing that can be said for what happened. About two seconds in I got a cramp in my calf and my knee bumped the top of the tiny tube and it was game over. I had an anxiety attack. Of course Mr. Grumpy MRI tech guy wasn’t happy and I still had a half hour to go … blah blah.

Today I am determined to not make an idiot out of myself. Wish me luck.

How about you? What is your fear? (and if you have tips for me for today, I’m all ears…)

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  1. Dentists, I have a full on panic attack going into an office. It is so bad my husband has to take my kids, they have beautiful teeth, I make sure they brush at least twice a day if not more often! As for getting over the fear, drugs work for me!!! Any type of muscle relaxant gets me in the door and then I get laughing gas! Works!!!

  2. I recently had an MRI for an elbow injury that 5 months later is still bothering me somewhat, but not nearly as bad as it was at the time. I closed my eyes before they pushed me in, kept them closed the entire time, and sang ridiculous children’s songs in my head. (I’m a preschool teacher, so kid songs tend to be he first thing to pop into my head.) When that moment of panic started creeping up on me I just reminded myself to breathe and calm the heck down because I didn’t want to have to go through it a second time.

  3. A book on tape. Stop at a really good part so you can listen to it while you are in the mri machine.

  4. They should give you a tranquilizer to take. I have the same problem and with the nice little lala land pill it makes it easier…Good luck and think of England as the saying

  5. I hate the dentist too!! But it does help to have head phones on and listen to music or audio books, close my eyes and think of a happier place. Like the beach with a hot waiter serving me drinks lol

  6. My 8 year old has to have many MRI’s due to a brain condition called Chiari Malformation. We always make sure he is in super comfy clothes, we give him a dose of Motrin before we leave, and make sure that before the roll him in he is completely comfortable. You can ask for a pillow under your legs if you think it will help. He keeps his eyes closed the whole time which seems to help. Of course lots of pediatric units they have goggles you can watch movies, but none of that for us adults!!

    There are also “open” MRI machines that give you more space and help with the closed in feeling. Thinking of you and hoping today goes well!!!

  7. I have to go for breast MRIs twice a year. I bring my own iPod playlist, and the technician hooks it up for me. Besides that, it’s a lot of praying and focusing on the music, and not on the tight space, cramps etc. It’s not comfortable – there’s no denying that. If it gets bad, I tell myself stories, work on mental list, recite verses.

    Hope it goes well!

  8. Three years ago I had to be in and out of one for 1 3/4 hrs. with a breast biopsy. Dr. gave me some thing to calm me, but the other time I was in there for a normal time, I did a mental grocery list and a list of things I wanted to clean, reorganize, need to get done. (they didn`t get totally done, but it kept my mind going) Best of luck with you today, you are in my prayers

  9. I’ve had many MRIs and I still don’t like it. I focus on the music and close my eyes. My last MRI on my knee they had changed the tile over the lights in the ceiling so it was like you were looking up at the sky.

  10. Well I had one once and I go full blast all the time so when I get a chance to lay down I practically fall asleep or do fall asleep. Maybe you could close your eyes and play a Man Wars movie in your head?

  11. They should be able to give you something to help with the anxiety if they know about it beforehand. With that being said, I concur with some of the comments above…have a playlist or book on tape, wear comfy clothes, close your eyes the entire time, and make sure they give you plenty of pillows.

    Good luck! My hubby had three fusion surgeries…..hope it goes well for you.

  12. I am the same way so concentrate on your breathing. Close your eyes & relax. Good luck Jill, I am so sorry to hear you are having to go through this & keeping you in my prayers.

  13. Just had a MRI of my neck arteries. Smallest tube ever. Had an IV of contrast dye in my arm and they Folded my arms in an slid me in the smallest tube I have ever seen. I was a little panicky. I have panic attacks too. Stressed about the test, the dye ( I have many allergies), what would they find etc. I started my deep breathing ( yoga style ) and concentrating on relaxing by going over in my mind the books I have just read. Helped some. I tried to think of anything else but being in a Tube. Helped some. Just made my mind up to not let that tube or my fears beat me. Helped some. Eventually it was over. I made it! No clogged arteries yet. I will try to keep it that way.
    You can do this, we who are your fans know you can. Praying for you and wishing you and your family the best!

  14. I would suggest closing your eyes and trying to sleep. I know hard to do with all that damn noise. I had one done back in December and I treated it like a 45 min nap. I just kept my eyes closed and drifted off into another place.

    As for fears, I am TERRIFIED of frogs! I can’t stand them. I break out into a sweat and freeze if I see even just a little baby frog.

    I hope all goes well with your fusion surgery. I would imagine that is the last option. I suffer from spondylolisthesis and I know what pain feels like. I wish you well.

  15. I had the same problem when I had an MRI for my back. But my problem was as I went in my nose touched the top, I opened my eyes only to see how closed in that little tube really was. My eyes stayed shut the rest of my time in that tube while I tried incredibly hard not to totally lose it. I have never been so happy to get out of a place in my life. My Ms. Grumpy MRI tech just kept saying you are fine. Not helpful. Good Luck today.

  16. Can you find a place that does open MRIs? If not, get a sedative to take beforehand. I understand that helps.

  17. My daughter had an MRI last year and they gave her goggle type things and she watched a movie during hers. Granted it was a children’s hospital but we’re all big kids! She was sixteen and they said they did it for adults, too!

  18. I just keep my eyes closed the entire time and ask to pick the music ( no country for me!). My sis had problems with tight spaces so she asked for something prior and they gave her ativan, which she took at home and was nice and relaxed by the time they started. She said she slept the entire time! Good luck, thinking and praying for you 🙂

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