A writer’s life

Sadie, exhausted after writing chapter four today.


Bless her heart…

Caption this pic. I’m drawing three names today, you will win whatever book from my list that your heart desires. ๐Ÿ˜›

231 Comments on “A writer’s life

  1. This is so cute. “Nap time! Writing is hard work! Especially after I shredded your first chapter!”

  2. Sadie had to take over due to the abundance of dogs in Jill’s books. According to Sadie, Cats rule,dogs drool.

  3. I really hate that I have to wear these glasses just to see my nails…

    (This is admitting nothing about my real life and reading glasses.)

  4. Darrrrrling, I’m simply too exhausted for your shenanigans. (Said in a snooty British voice of course)

    1. “Oh, how annoying! I still can’t see… and I’m wearing glasses. Oh, wait.
      THESE aren’t mine. Where did I leave mine? Grrr@#$!@”

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