A Jill Story, or an I Love Lucy Story (same thing)

Once upon a time I thought it would be such a great idea to move from the big, bad city of Los Angeles to the mountains. Specifically, the deep Sierras. I’d get four seasons, I reasoned. And I could get up at eight in the morning and still be the first on the slopes to ski FRESH POWDER instead of getting up at four and fighting traffic for two hours to ski on crap.

Sounded great. And for several years, it was.

And then Mother Nature stopped taking her valium and went on crack. Or maybe her husband dumped her. Or maybe she ran out of cookies. I don’t know. But we’re buried. Literally.

That’s our house. This is Alpha Man trying to dig out said house:

Here’s the famed bear box where we keep our trash. Check out the snow on that baby:

Alpha Man is going to try to rig it so the snow falls on the bear the next time he tries to get in it. I’ll do my best to catch THAT on camera. Actually, maybe I should just concentrate on my driving skills in this whole messy situation. Against Alpha Man’s advice, I tried to give Middle’s best friend a ride home yesterday morning after TWO MORE FREAKING FEET OF SNOW on top of the million feet we already had. I got around the corner before I got stuck.


Middle and Friend tried to dig me out but it wasn’t working. A cute guy in a truck stopped and offered to help and just as I opened my mouth to say YES PLEASE SAVE ME, the girls told him we were fine and he drove off. My knight in shining armor DROVE OFF. So we dig some more. You’re probably wondering why I didn’t just call Alpha Man. Well because he would have laughed, that’s why. I realize that’s not a very mature reason but it’s the truth. A little more digging time goes by and then another truck rolls up, with another guy. He asks if he can help and I say NO.

He pulls me out anyway, and he only laughed a little.

Thank you, Alpha Man. (she said only slightly begrudgingly)

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  1. I’m pretty sure I’d have to have a stay at home job if there was that much snow where I lived. First because I drive a Corolla and it would be buried under all that snow. Second, I don’t like to drive in just a little snow. Third, not a fan of snow…

    Sounds like Mother Nature needs some Girl Scout Cookies.

  2. It is 50 degrees here in NOLA. People are in parkas! We have two seasons, summer and winter. If it drops below 50 people freak out about how deathly cold it is. The threat of snow or ice shuts the city down completely. However, we frequently get 3 inches of rain at lunch, and there is no water left on the streets when you drive home.

  3. Why bother with hunky photos when you posted the ultimate hot pic of Alpha Man coming to your rescue at the wheel of his bigass pickup with plow! 32 degrees with 6 inches of snow in the Poconos.

  4. Sorry it must be said..Alpha Man is DA MAN. A. he didn’t listen and pulled you out and 2. he only laughed a little.. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. I saw the on weather channel about the snow and thought of you being snowed in..i guessed right…I wouldn’t want to live with that mess, i cant stand it when we get 1 inch…Even if he laughs a little( you would too if it was you)he seems like a good man..your lucky to have him….Try to enjoy and be safe ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Sorry the valium ran out along with Mother Nature’s husband.
    I have always loved your beautiful pictures and wondered at the lovely place you called home, but…no matter how pretty – I’d go bonkers if I saw a wall of snow outside my windows AND doors for months on end!
    I hope this hybernation helps the creative writing process and doesn’t make you too antsy?
    I guess I shouldn’t complain about our high of 58 degrees with clear blue skies.

  7. It’s good to have an Alpha! I can’t even imagine that kind of snow and coldness. Makes me cold just to look at it. We are going to be back in the 80’s this week in Florida. ๐Ÿ˜† I think I’ll stay put and just enjoy your pictures!!

  8. Jeez, you crack me up. You’ve got a damned fine hubby. “No snow” is why I live in northern CA and not Idaho, Montana, or Maine anymore. I like my sunshine, and I like the fact that it will most likely never snow here. And if it does, it will melt off within the hour. Snow can really be dangerous, as I’m sure you’ve found out. Stay safe!

  9. I moved away from the IT’S MEASURED IN FEET, NOT INCHES snow years ago and do not regret it at all. Your pics and stories do bring back memories, but it seems none of mine had a man like Alpha Man! I’d say he’s a keeper! Stay warm, and safe!

  10. Boy and I thought our 8 inches was bad. It’s suppose to hit 50’s by the end of the week here in grey Cleveland, OH, so hopefully all the snow will melt and we can get the Christmas lights all taken down outside. Right now they are frozen to everything!

    On a side note, gotta love Alpha Man!

  11. Next time tell Middle and her friend that Knights in a shinny truck don’t come around that often and to take said Knight up on his offer… but Knight number two works just as well..

  12. Wow, I can’t even imagine that much snow. A few years ago we got 2 feet and I thought that was crazy!

  13. Despite feet of snow & bears you are way better off in the Sierra’s than in L.A.!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ Love your pictures. So sorry you got stuck & needed rescue. Of course of laughed, but only a little!! ๐Ÿ˜†

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