Hump Day

Update: Winners are Alyce, Michelle V., and Kai W. Email me with a few book choices and your addy! ๐Ÿ™‚

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And I can’t button my pants. Okay, I lie. I’m not wearing pants. I’m wearing yoga pants. But they’re too tight. And also, this is true.

Anyway, here’s what I want to know. Your favorite Shalvis book. Extra points if you tell me why. I’m going to draw names for a book from my backlist for the winners.


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  1. The Sweetest Thing. Tara and Ford are my favorite couple ever. Love when he stops taking pain meds so he can come see Tara.

  2. All of them?? Because they’re funny and sweet and sassy and there’s never a doubt reading a Jill Shalvis book will be time well spent. My favorite in recent history would be Animal Attraction. Before that, probably Head Over Heels. If we want to go farther back, probably Strong and Sexy or maybe Instant Attraction.

  3. I loved them all but my fav are the first 3.
    Chloe & sawyer I just loved how much he took care of her. Paid attn to her needs with the asthma.
    Tara and ford she couldn’t deny her attraction still. After all those years. I loved that ford stepped right into father role.
    Jax and Maddie who doesn’t love a carpenter with a tool belt? Jax helped her out of abuse issue.

    I think those three are my fav because of the sisters. I loved them all but the connection of those three was great.

  4. Any or all of them ! But as much as I love all your books, I will have to go with the very first book of yours I read a looooong time ago, a duets book called Hug Me Holly / Kiss Me Katie. I read it every Christmas for years and still have it ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Head Over Heels is my favorite right now because Sawyer took the time to find out more about Chloe’s asthma and how to deal with the problems that come with it. I also love your books for their just right combination of humor and sexiness! You just can’t go wrong when you pick up a Jill Shalvis book to read!

  6. Anything Lucky Harbour? No? I have to actually pick?? Okay then–

    Simply Irresistible because Maddie is not the typical annoyingly perfect heroine and overcomes (and grows) so much, and Jax is such a sweetheart and perfect for Maggie. I want to marry both of them every time I read it.

    At Last because underneath that kick-ass ”tude, Amy’s just a vulnerable girl like the rest of us who’s gone through some tough times. And Matt is… well, Ranger Hot Buns– that’s self-explanatory ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. How can I pick just one…but if I must…

    Mia and Kevin are hot, hot, hot – Her Sexiest Mistake. Starting out in bed and hero on a motorcycle – how could you go wrong.

    Okay, so I picked 3 – Slow Heat and Double Play – Love baseball themed books and the dialogues in your books are always so funny.

    And you look lovely today, may I say!

  8. This is so hard. I would probably say Forever and a Day. I love all the Lucky Harbor books! They are so funny!

  9. Let’s see, Simply Irresistible is one of them because when Maddie meets Jax for the first time and doesn’t know she has potato chip crumbs on her chest. That was so funny! The other is Head Over Heels because Sawyer and Chloe together are funny and sexy and you can just picture how much she drives him crazy. I love all the Lucky Harbor books(well actually all of your books.).

  10. Simply Irresistible. Because we mean the cast of characters for the first time. But, Jax in a tool box is hot and the girls spending time together is sweet.

  11. Animal Attraction. I just love the hero, the sexual tension between him and the heroine, and the animals, OMG the animals…<3

  12. Simple Irresistible was the first book I read and I love it! Maddie the mouse looking to start over and than finding Jax who looking to protect her! I love the story of sisters.I am one of 4 sisters I love the sister in the story too! I don’t think it would ever work for my sisters and I to run a B&B but love to ready about family.

  13. Wow. Thats a pretty tough question. I love so many of your books. It comes down between Jax and Maddie, Josh and Grace, or Matt and Amy. I’m going to have to say Josh and Amy with Forever and a Day, because I love both Josh and Amy, but who doesnt love a rambunctious pug and a barking little boy. But For the record I do love all the lucky harbor books.

  14. Love all your books, especially the Lucky Harbor Series. I love the the first one with Maddie and Jax. I loved how they met on the highway and later when she hired him but didn’t know who he was and she was in such bad shape because of her and her sisters’ druken night under the Christmas tree. Jax treated her tenderly at all times and loved every quirk she had. It’s so nice to have someone love you for who you really are without putting up any false facades.

    Take me the way I am – warts and all.

    P.S. My pants are tight too! I don’t understand. I behaved and stuck with the basic chocolate food group the entire day. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. Probably Head Over Heels. I really love the dynamic you built between Chloe and Sawyer, the complexity of their characters and how they deal with Chloe’s medical issues. It hit home for me. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  16. I think Chloe/Sawyer are probably my favorite. I like the quiet/stoic-but-deep guys. Sawyer always came off as a little socially awkward to me- or maybe not awkward, but quiet and a little less comfortable with himself or other people than, say, Jax or Ford or Ranger Hot Buns, and I like the fact that you feel like he couldn’t have what he has with Chloe with anyone else, and like she gets to see parts of him that other people don’t.

  17. I adore all your books, but truly love FOREVER AND A DAY! I love Dr Josh and his relationships with his sister and how sweet he is with his son Toby. Can’t forget the hot pool scene either and of course ya gotta love that deliquent puppy Tank! I just love the beach scene were Grace thinks she’s lost Tank in the ocean. Grace and Josh are just such a sweet and sexy couple!

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