Thursday’s Musings

And then he said WHAT? Shirley, you were right to dump him…

Now you… You know how this works. I’ll pick a few winners. ๐Ÿ™‚

98 Comments on “Thursday’s Musings

  1. “Come oooon. Why wont you play with me, kitty?”
    “I already told ya, fatty, your freak of nature tail is freaking me OUT!”

  2. Kitty just step onto my trunk. What? No I am serious! Pretend its a bridge. Look it’s the only way you got outta this jam you managed to get yourself in, so–hop on!!

  3. “Come on, Tabbie, grab hold of my truck before you get washed down the river.”
    “I can’t reach – come closer.”
    “Hurry. I never know what right around the nearest tree…it’s a jungle out there!”

  4. “Do I understand this correctly? You rescue me and I have to kill every mouse that comes near you?”


    “Well what are you waiting for, lower the trunk and let’s blow this joint.”

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