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Update: Randomly drawn winners are Carol O. and Jill H. Email me with a few book choices and your addy. ๐Ÿ™‚

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My Top Five Holiday Moments:

1. When my youngest turned eight she very solemnly told me she knew that Santa was a hoax. I said no, baby, it

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  1. Happy release day, Jill! Loved Mia and Nick’s story!!!

    Happiest memory is the year my mom got me my Cabbage Patch doll. There were none in the stores, yet somehow my mom got mine and it was the very last gift given that morning. I still have that doll to this day too.

    My dad has always made homemade pizza for Christmas Eve dinner. We all love it so much. Growing up we never left cookies and milk for Santa…we left pizza and beer.

  2. I was about 12, my momma had made us like a Thanksgiving dinner for Christmas. It was the next day and I was making my plate to warm up. I had just gotten my turkey out of the bowl. I was watching my brother do something while lifting the turkey bowl back to the table and dropped it all in the floor. I don’t think my momma talked to me for a week. Lol

  3. My most memorable Christmas was when I got the mumps (I don’t know if it’s called the same in the US) on Christmas Eve and my big sister had to get an injection against it as she was going camping just after Christmas. The needle was huge and she took forever to forgive me ๐Ÿ™‚ Hey at least she wasn’t violently ill all Christmas.

  4. There was the year that every gift I opened held pajamas. The year my uncle gave me a set of drums for Christmas. They stayed at my grandparents since my mom would let me take them home. I always spent a lot of time with my grandparents so I didn’t mind.

  5. Well, this year my oldest asked me if there really was a Santa…so this will be a memorable year since he doesn’t believe in Santa…however, it also makes it easier because now he understands that even Santa is on a budget and can’t buy him any gift he wants.

    There are certain gifts my kids have received over the years that I won’t forget the look on their face when they opened it. Congrats on Under the Mistletoe! I preordered it but also read it via NetGalley and it was good. I wasn’t sure if I would like Nick or Carlos better…but you made the right choice. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. The year I had all the presents wrapped and hidden in the basement in the closet under the stairs. Then at 5:30 AM one day I woke up to a rapidly flooding basement. Our hot water heater had sprung a leak…the hot water heater in the basement next to the presents. The boys were still asleep so I ran and grabbed all the presents but had no where else to hide them so I called my next door neighbor. She and her husband came over and we carried all the presents to their house before the boys woke up.

  7. When we lived in Italy, my mom bought a beautiful Italian creche. The Italian tradition is that the baby Jesus is not placed in the creche until Christmas Eve. We went by the traditional American way, and placed all characters in the creche when it was originally brought out each holiday. Over night, while we all slept, our Siberian Husky, Ivan, would gently remove the baby Jesus and hide him under the living room sofa. He did this every night until Christmas, then left him alone after that. True story.

  8. Santa almost told my daughter that Santa wasn’t real!

    Our tradition is opening presents on Christmas Eve (my husband’s from Germany, and that is the tradition there). I’ve always explained it to my daughter that Santa has so many places in the world to go that he has to bring some families’ gifts on Christmas Eve and others’ in the middle of the night.

    When my daughter was about 7, she went to a birthday party (late December birthday), and the mom had hired a Santa to come surprise the girls. Well, luckily I was there because he started to argue with my daughter that he came at night. Thank goodness I was there! I stepped in, gave him a crazy-eyed mother look and sternly told him the whole spiel:

    “Santa, remember, since you have so many houses to visit, you drop some gifts off early on Christmas Eve! Some in Germany, some here. We’re on your early list!” *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge*

    I think I had him totally confused, but at least it shut him up.

  9. p.s. just bought “Under the Mistletoe” at the Sony eReader site. I’ll be digging into that tonight, dontcha know.

  10. Taking my then 3 yr old nephew to see Christmas lights. He fell asleep but woke up as we passed a brightly lit shopping center. The kiddo was never out after dark so he thought every neon light was Christmas decorations! He was thrilled no matter how simple or elaborate the light display. Even the walmart sign made him smile! ๐Ÿ˜†

  11. My happiest Christmas memory was 8 years ago when my husband asked me to marry him. I hadn’t expected ever to remarry. I always tease him about how he chased me. He even had to wait for a first kiss which didn’t happen until about our 5th or 6th date. I’m not a prude, the time just wasn’t right. Both of us had been married before and I guess I just wanted to be sure he was perhaps the one!

  12. Loved your Christmas memories. My most memorable was my Senior year in High School. I had to have all of my wisdom teeth removed because they were trying to move my other teeth that I had worn braces to straighten. Spent the entire Christmas vacation laying around and living on milk shakes….well, that was good anyway ๐Ÿ˜‰

  13. My favorite Christmas is memory has to be my son’s 1st Christmas in 2007. He got a ball popper and I would get on the floor with him and we would laugh SO hard (him at the popping balls and me at him)! I will never forget that….

  14. It was always so exciting watching our children open their gifts with such enthusiasm. We’ve now had the chance to watch our grandchildren do the same. That brings back memories and always starts a bunch of stories from Christmases past! Happy Holidays!!

  15. When I was small (7 or so) my mom and dad put the Christmas tree up at the corner of the living room and I could see if from my bunk bed if I leaned just right. I woke up probably around 3 or 4 AM and looked down the hall. The tree lights we on, but not the color wheel, so it wasn’t very bright. All I could see was a set of beady eyes looking back at me and looked to be about my height. Scared me so bad I didn’t go down the hall to peek at the presents. My mom and dad got to sleep late that year and my sister got a life sized afghan hound stuffed toy for a present.

  16. When all my grandparents were alive, Mom and Dad would divide our time between these two. I am an only child and I was thrilled when I got to go to one grandparent’s house with all my cousins. Grandma would make everyone’s favorite dessert and that is a lot of desserts. Mine was yellow cake with chocolate icing and with pecans and cherries on top. When we went to my other grandparent’s house, I got to see my other cousins and run around the farm aggrevating all Grandad’s farm animals. Loved those days and I will never get them back because my grandparents have passed away. All the cousins are grown and have families of their own to visit.

  17. One favorite moment is when my kids look to see where Magic our Elf is!

    My favorite is when my father-side of the family gets together right before or right after Christmas “Our Family gathering”

  18. The Christmas of 2005 was the best ever for me. That year I had all of my children but one home for Christmas. I was also lucky enough to have my only grandchild at the time. It took over 5 hours to open all the presents and our dog Zippy christened all the presents at the front with his pee! He’s considered a toy breed, he’s tiny, yet somehow all that pee came out of him and onto our gifts! Which we didn’t notice until gifts started being unwrapped. It made it a memorable year. It was also the year my little 1 yr old grandson toddled over to the dog bowl and scooped out some water with his little cup he got for xmas and drank it! Ahhhh the memories of that year will last me for the rest of my life. [I have 7 kids so it was a houseful!]

  19. My favorite Christmas was the year we came home from Germany. We were going to surprise everyone at Christmas dinner. My Sister was going to pick us up at the airport and take us home. When we got off the plane and through customs the whole family was there all 98 of them waiting to surprise us.

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