I’m sorry, I wanted to pick these out personally but it’s been quite a week. And each of them made me laugh. So I couldn’t pick faves, I just couldn’t do it! So picked … #18 Shannon and #102 (Terry K)

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Sometimes I amuse myself by captioning animal pics.

“Hi. We’re cheaper than teenagers AND we will never leave a mess in your kitchen, swears. We’ll clean up every little crumb!”

(Now you, and I’ll be drawing names from the comments, winners can pick a book from my backlist…)

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  1. “Would you look at that. Hey, Petey, what’s her name again?”
    “Jill, something or other.”
    “What she doin’?”
    “It’s the ‘damn it’ dance.”
    “How come?”
    “That’s what she yells when she locks herself outta the house…and it’s the fourth time this year.”
    “Does the dance help her get back in?”
    “Nope. Some big guy comes to help and laughs his ass off.”
    “Well…she is kinda funny.”
    “Yeah. We should write a book about this stuff”
    “Don’t think so…no one would believe us.”

  2. If I come live with you, we all have to come..we’ll be really quiet and you won’t even know were here..until the party starts..but keep that’s just between us.

  3. “Jimmy, I told you to put your fangs away!”
    “But Mom!”
    “No Jimmy, put them away. We’re supposed to pretend to be cute and cuddly!”

  4. if we continue to smile and look cute, mom may not see the mess we’ve made in the bedroom! ๐Ÿ˜›

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