Jill’s and Frat Boy’s Adventures

So I was sitting out on my beach chair on the snow in the front yard, writing in the sun. I live on a very small street, only two houses on it, and it’s a cul de sac. Rarely does anyone drive down it. Or walk down it. And hardly ever does a really cute guy coming running down it, stop in the middle of it and turn around and yell “I finally beat you!”

But that’s what happened. I shut my laptop and stared in shock at Really Cute Guy. I looked up the street, expecting to see another Really Cute Guy, possibly throwing him a football or something. Instead, Frat Boy came barreling down the street, tongue lolling, ears flopping, happy face on.

Really Cute Guy was talking to my dog. Really Cute Guy ruffled Frat Boy’s ears and left. Frat Boy came and plopped down at my side. “Good dog,” I said. “Really really good dog for bringing mommy a really cute guy. But next time, I’ll take a new car.”

28 Comments on “Jill’s and Frat Boy’s Adventures

  1. I’m totally jealous! My yellow lab only found men with gold bands on their finger. She was no help to me at all! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. OOO that would make a great storyline using Fratboy for inspiration nothing says hot like a man and his dog *not counting Jax and Izzy*

  3. How on earth did you train your dog so well? I want a dog that can retrieve cute guys for me! All my Golden ever retrieved were beanie babies and dirty socks.

  4. OMG, if that’s what it takes, I have got to get myself a Dog….I wonder if he could get me a new car too…

  5. No, no, no, when you wish for a car instead of more hot guys you are starting to show your age!!!!! Keep those hot guys always on your mind, we need to keep young!!!! Hahahha. I had a real hot young guy approach me at the garden center the other day and I found myself nervous as hell. What was that about? Like he could go for a mom who has a 27 and 24 year old kids, really, that’s when I popped back into reality after I stuffed my tongue back in my mouth. He just wanted to know if I needed plants of course. But I’m not dead yet and I can always dream. Yea, I know, I read way to many romance novels. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. I sure hope you gave Frat Boy a cookie for that (doggie cookie, of course…no need to go overboard and give him a Milano:-p )

  7. Labs might not always be the brightest crayon in the box, but they do have good instincts don’t they? And how can you not like a guy who says that to a dog?

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