A mother’s WORST phone call

“Mom, we’ve been in an accident.”

Well, crap. Talk about a heart-stopper. I took this call from my precious Youngest yesterday and I’m pretty sure I still haven’t recovered.

They’re not hurt. Well, a little whiplash …

So the call comes in and Alpha Man and I race to the scene. I didn’t breathe the entire 7 minutes and 25 seconds it took us to get there.

Not once.

Middle was driving, Youngest in the shotgun position, Special Edition in the back. They were rear ended. Not in their car, of course. In mine.

They’re not hurt …

I like to repeat that to myself. Which I did all night long. They’re not hurt …

But my car. Sigh … My car is injured, the poor baby.

ANYWAY, the teenagers did everything right. Youngest called me, she called the police, she got all the driver information. Basically she held it together like a grownup.

Until she saw her Daddy.

There might have been a slight fall-apart then. But that’s okay, that’s what dads are for. So … to miracles. To smart, quick thinking teenagers. To Geiko Insurance for having truly wonderful customer service. To the asshole at the police department who decided not to send police to the scene (because as it turns out, Middle MIGHT have forgotten her wallet that morning and didn’t have her license on her, whoops). To Dairy Queen for having some damn good icecream when you need it.


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  1. I’m very happy everyone is okay!!! So very scary!! I had to make a similar phone call once when my roommate/best friend cut the end of her thumb off when we were in college. Her mom lives in Ohio, we are in Tennessee and I had to call and tell her I was taking her baby girl to the ER but she was going to be okay. I knew I was going to scare her to death and hated it but had to do it. Everything did work out good my friend was loopy for a week on pain meds but okay.

  2. Glad everyone is okay. I’m thinking ice cream and cookies would make everyone feel better. Bet Alpha Man even need some ice cream after that call.

  3. (((HUGS))) Poor mom who lost years off her life. Glad you were able to put things in perspective with a little DQ therapy. And very relieved no one was hurt.

  4. OMG – so glad everyone okay, ((HUGS)). Went through same thing. Oldest away at college and other driver both wrong and did exact same thing turning into each other. Both cars totaled. Oldest calls to tell me and then turns OFF PHONE!! Took us 4 hrs. to get there w/no other info and hearts in our throats…running around like chickens w/o heads. Oldest was okay…no D.Q…no cookies…no m.m.’s…I believe valium saved the day.

  5. Glad everyone is OK!

    Cheers to me having 15 yrs until my baby drives. To chocolate dipped strawberries for V-Day. and to Spring being just around the corner…cause it is right?? enough cold and snow. I love snow, but I’m over it, let’s move on.

  6. Oh, thank goodness everyone is ok. How scary. I haven’t gotten the call yet, but I know that it’s coming one day (probably soon). That first accident seems to be a rite of passage, doesn’t it?

    Sending thoughts of ice cream and cookies (and thanks) your way.

  7. Glad everyone was ok! So glad I have a decade to go before I have to deal with this. And yea that T was such a hotbed of criminal activity that they couldn’t be bothered to send police out there to give Middle a ticket for no ID.

  8. Oh, man, Jill! Got me a little teary-eyed with the feeling of panic you must have had. Cross fingers, I’ve not yet experienced this, but it’s one of my worst nightmares.

    Hugs, and so glad everyone was okay!!

  9. Those are the moments that give you gray hair. I know, cause I’ve got gray hair!! I’m so glad they are all okay. Sorry your car is not but my theory is cars can be replaced, people can’t.
    My younger grandson will be 15 in a few days, needless to say he is ready to get his permit. Glad I live in another state as maybe I won’t be to concerned about his driving. I’m sure that his mom & dad will impress on him safety first. Glad it is them, not me!

  10. Oh, I’m so glad everyone was okay! Even fender-benders can be scary.

    When I was involved in a major car wreck in July ’09, it was a lot worse than the one Middle and Youngest were in. (Broken ankle, broken wrist, lots of bruises, but alive.) I held myself together through the interminable on-scene paramedic assessment, getting me out of my mangled car (that was an adventure), getting put in the ambulance, being taken back to just about where I started (the hospital was right across the street from the dentist’s office, where I’d been), and the initial evaluation in the ER. I went to pieces and started crying when my husband showed up. By the time my dad arrived, I’d already cried all over Hubby, and was able to have a sense of humor about the whole thing. Sort of.

  11. OMG…that is the absolute WORST!!! Five years ago, my son called me and started with “Mom…I am okay”…I just went to the floor. Racing there and then driving up on the scene seeing the ambulances, police and lights flashing everyone..knowing my son was in one of those ambulances…arrgh!!! But we were so blessed…so very very blessed. He was totally fine…everyone was fine…we were blessed…but it was parental torture that I never want to have to go thru again…
    Cars on the ohter hand…3 totaled..2 damaged…but all parents able to hold their kids again…so who cares about the cars!!!
    I am sooooo glad your daughters are okay!! But they need to pay for the facial to remove the new wrinkles that they just put there!!!

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