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  1. Oh jill,
    i’m so sorry, my heart breaks for you. you’re still in my thoughts
    take care

  2. I couldn’t finish reading your post ’cause half way down I started tearing up. Mountain Barbie reminded me SO much of my first dog (that we had to put down) that it’s scary. I’m so sorry, Jill!!

  3. Ah Jill Mountain Barbie was such a joy. I know you and your familys heart will be sore for a good while. Treasure each and every thought you have of her.

    Hugs to you all

  4. We lost our dog a few years ago, a goofy black lab, and Mountain Barbie reminded me a lot of her. It is so tough to lose them but I can’t imagine any family could have loved her more.

  5. What a beautiful tribute; the pictures are wonderful.

    I am not a pet person but you have me in tears here.

    MB would love your tribute to her and I know she is looking down on you all and smiling.

  6. I wondered about Alpha Man. Mountain Barbie started out as his dog, after all.

    And I don’t think it’s being overly dramatic to say the lake will never be the same. You said many times that no matter what mood you were in, watching her dive into the lake could put you in a better mood. You looked forward to that as much as she did, I think. And, as with any loss, it just takes time for it not to hurt so much.

    I loved the picture of her in the driver’s seat. It’s almost like she’s saying that the keys are in the ignition and if someone doesn’t come take her to the lake, she’s going on her own…she knows the way, after all.

  7. Beautiful post, Jill. Remember the joy. And it does get easier with time. I still miss Ben, my first dog with DH – and sometimes, when I’m out of sorts and worried, I can feel his chin on my knee as if telling me everything was going to be fine. I bet Izzy does that with you – when you’re frazzled and on deadline, she’ll come into your thoughts and get you to remember the joy of living in the moment and that big doggy grin.

    Sending you all a big hug.

  8. (((Hugs)))

    I lost my beloved Chumley back in Jan 2007, my first cat adoptee, who came into my house in spring 2001, just weeks after my ex-hubby moved out of the house. Chum was with me through everything, the reason I kept getting up in the mornings when I was clinically depressed. He kept me going, kept me living (literally), as did Annie when I adopted her several months later.

    Chumley wasn’t ill, he had a blood clot that let go one night and cut off circulation to the lower part of his body. He suffered greatly in the hour or so it took for me to realize what was wrong (I had been sleeping, woke to his screams) and get him to the emerg vet. Nothing could be done for him and it was the greatest shock to me–I thought he had a blockage, would require surgery. But that was not the case.

    I lived on Gravol (anti-nausea tablets) for a few months afterward, I was so sick and devastated.

    Even 2.5 years later, I still miss him and talk to him. The pain has eased for the most part, though I still have the occasional flash back to *that* night. But always I wish he was still with me.

    My point in sharing this is that while you always will miss Mountain Barbie, always will have a hole in your heart over her loss, time will ease the grief — though never erase it.

    And she always will be with you, in spirit.

    Blessings and Peace.

  9. Work has been busy so I must have missed the news. I’m so sorry to hear the sad news. Losing a pet is always like losing a limb. 8 years later and my mother sees our family cat around the house and thinks of him all the time. Thinking of you and yours during this difficult time.

  10. Grief does not equal Drama Queen.

    I would be devastated without my cats- they truly are members of the family.


    And cookies. Lots of cookies.

  11. No words….this post is so touching. Brought tears to my eyes, and missing my Maggie who died a few years ago. It does get easier, but you will always have these moments where you miss her terribly. Hopefully when you think of her there will be more smiles than tears 😥

  12. My heart aches for you all, Jill. We lost our basset Fred in November and Hub (who would very likely deny it) got teary-eyed over him just a couple of weeks ago.

  13. Everytime I see pictures of Mountain Barbie, they make me think of my dad’s chocolate lab Lizzie. I swear when something happens to her I don’t know what my dad will do. He lives for his dog, which is so funny since he would never let us have an indoor pet growing up. Lizzie has the complete run of the house and knows it. Hugs to you and your entire family Jill. I still miss my dogs George and Sneaky and they have both been in doggie heaven for years.

  14. There is no way that you are being overly dramatic. Losing a pet is like losing a child, in my opinion. She was part of your family. I couldn’t help but get teary-eyed as I finished your post. So sorry for you and your family’s loss, Jill.

  15. It is just so hard to understand how a pup so young and full of vigor could go so fast; I lost my dog Zack in a week-end; Friday, he was fine, Sunday, he was dead — the heartbreak! Our other dog, Zoe, grieved so much. May those wonderful memories of Moutain Barbie make you and your family smile.

  16. At the same time you were faced with Mountain Barbies sudden death we faced similarly sudden and scary medical situation with our much loved Harley.
    I can not begin to imagine how you must be feeling but I do hope that with time your memories produce more smiles and less tears.

  17. Jill,
    I think you should write a Mountain Barbie book..you have it mostly done already..just put it together in book form..with pictures..have your publisher publish one or one million of them…dedicated it to Alpha Man since Mountain Barbie was his fifth love (you and the girls are 1 thr 4) and you and your family will have it forever to enjoy…and one day when the girls are grown with kids and Mountain Barbie dogs of their own, it will be a nice thing to show the grandkids and to remind you of that special, but short, time in your lives.
    Hang in there…

  18. Ah man I’m tearing up over here. Big hugs Jill to you and Alpha Man and the girls. Those pictures are so sweet. MB reminds me of our silly black lab Oliver. The kids and I just came home after being gone for 5 days and he was so stinkin’ glad to see us. I love that crazy dog. So I can’t imagine losing him so fast (he’s only a year old).

    You and your family are in my thoughts. Really you are.

  19. Jill so sorry for your loss. Thanks for the lovely tribute to Mountain Barbie who was obviously a very much loved member of your family. Thoughts and prayers are with you all during this difficult time. Take care and thanks again for sharing the wonderful pictures and thoughts today.

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