Thanks for making me laugh! Winners are . . .
1. Cheryl M, who said “How do you spell relief?

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  1. Best of luck to your daughter as she starts this exciting time in her life.

    Maybe Cole is thinking: Whoa! Are you telling me this is THE Jill Shalvis??

  2. Good luck to Oldest on her new adventure! How exciting!

    And Cole? It’s apparent the little man is about to say, “What do you mean I have to wait? I want Middle now! Right now, I tell you!”

  3. Best of luck to your oldest ~ mine is leaving for the Navy in two weeks! Wild ~ it seems like yesterday she was giving me the same look Cold has – wait she did 😯

    Cole’s thought which is really close to Cherly’s – great minds must think alike.

    “There is something warm and squishy in my diaper and it’s kinda of freaking me out.”

  4. Good luck to oldest (and to mom!). You raise them to become independent and then, suddenly, they are and you wonder where the time went. Sending you virtual cookies, Jill.

    As for Cole, I think he’s saying,
    “Hey, where did you come from? Can’t you see my girl and I are trying to have a private moment here?”

  5. Good luck with the new college adventure!

    And I think Cole is thinking:

    “Uh ohhh, pasghettiooooo’s”

    Seems like that was a commercial or some tagline at some time. Ah well, he’s a cutie and if given the opportunity I think he could make a mess with spaghetti-o’s.

  6. That’s hilarious Susan. I’m still chuckling.

    Here’s mine: “Uh-oh. I think I just pooped in my pants.”
    “Wow. Are those boobies for me?” (We’re talking breastfeeding, folks.)

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