Fun With Daughter And Dog

“No, the dog may not sleep on your bed. In fact, YOU may not sleep on your bed, not until your room is clean. Do you understand?”


Cut to an hour later, bedtime. Middle daughter is missing. Her room is still a disaster zone, and then I find her.

In the dog’s bed. Because I didn’t specifically say not to sleep in the dog’s bed either…

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  1. That is one cute picture, and every inventive of your daughter to find the solution to not cleaning her room……… :thumbsup: :mrgreen:

  2. No the dog’s bed isn’t that big but the daughter simply spread out a few blankets and helped herself to as much space as she needed. She even brought her own pillow to share with Ashes…

  3. 🙄 Sorry Jill, I like you from your blog, but I must be honest: There is no real discipline in your home. Permissiveness is the easier way. Very postmodern. But children need clear standards. You as their mother must teach them, guide them, they will thank you later. They have to clean their own rooms, but more than that! Why do YOU always do the laundry for them ? They are girls, after all, some day they will be mothers, and then they will need the knowledge and the discipline to run a family. You are too soft, Jill. They are really old enough to help you. You deserve it – but so do they. Today’s well disciplined girl will be tomorrow’s efficient mother.

  4. I swear, give them the least little loophole…. You’re like: :talktothehand: And she’s like: :bananadance: And you might as well be :blahblah:


  5. :rotfl: HAHAHA that sounds like the kind of loophole I would try to find when I didnt want to clean my room. But we didnt have a dog, we had a pet bird… I dont know how that would have worked out… lol

  6. I would have done that. I was the type of child would find the loopholes and use them to my advantage. 🙂 No matter what my parents said or did, I would have found a way. Some kids are like that. And we all grow up just fine.

    Very cute picture. Love the puppy cuddling going on.

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