Honey, I shrunk my clothes

Okay, I had to concede. Summer is gone. I packed away my shorts and tees and brought out the warmer clothes. Only there’s a big problem. My jeans? Not fitting so much. I’m too. fat. for. my. jeans.

You know what this means, don’t you? I have to actually . . . I can hardly even type this . . . give up cookies. There. I put it out there for the universe to see. I have to give up cookies.




I can’t even blog today, I’m in mourning for the loss already . . . But you don’t have to mourn with me. Go ahead and eat cookies, just don’t tell me.

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  1. I say you should take the following comment by the wonderful Ms Roberts under advisement…

    In fact, I’ve been known to say a day without french fries is like a day without an orgasm.

    Although, let’s substitute cookies for french fries, shall we?

  2. I was thinking the same thing, don’t go cold turkey on the no cookies. Switch to reduced fat first then no fat. I have faith in you

  3. Jill without cookies is like a writer without their muse. Follow everyone else’s advice and wean yourself off the cookies. Stopping altogether might be bad for your health. We’re only thinking of you, Jill.

  4. You said leave a comment but I thought a confession would make YOU feel better. Last night, Jenna and I ate half a package of Double Stuf Oreo’s. Sadly, she only had a few, I had the rest. I’m sorry about your jeans, but I’m thinking my jeans problem is going to be a lot worse. Give up cookies? I don’t think so. I’m buying bigger jeans.

  5. 😯 No COOKIES??? You can’t do that to some poor little girl scout who depends on your cookie order. :rotfl: I’m with the others — you just need to buy bigger jeans.

  6. I think giving up cookies is a bit harsh. I agree with the others: buy bigger jeans. OR, buy a treadmill. You can eat cookies while running on it. 🙂

    OR, eat smaller cookies.

  7. I’m with Cheryl – think of that poor girl scout. She’ll probably have to resort to a life of crime to replace the rent money she earned through you. Poor, poor little girl, cold on the streets selling those matchsticks, and it will all be your fault. Why, now her poor grandmother won’t be able to afford that operation she needs so badly. But it’s okay, she was getting old anyway. And she smelled funny. And poor brother Timmy. All he wanted was that little toy fire engine for Christmas. How to tell him there will be no Santa this year.

    I can see the headline now: ECONOMY IN SIERRA TOWN GOES DOWNHILL AS AUTHOR GIVES UP COOKIES. Your country is depending upon you to do your part.

    Buy stretch jeans, support a child.

    Oh, 85 today, with highs in the 90s this weekend.
    Off now to have my coffee.

  8. You know they are banning models that are to thin from the rumways. Just further proof that thin is OUT. I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time! So I say enjoy your cookies.

  9. Jill. Jill.Jill.
    It’s not the cookies causing your jean trouble. It’s the storage. I’ve had SEVERAL years of experience with the same issue and finally got to the root of the problem. IT’S THE STORAGE!! Storage causes jeans and other clothes to shrink. The clothing feels cast aside and says “I’ll show her! I’ll shrink one size and drive her crazy”. Consider it the revenge of the lonely winter wear.

    Hope this helps ease your pain.


  10. All right, let’s all have a moment of silence at the loss of the cookies…….Although Bailey’s comments above are hilarious.

  11. No cookies? Oh, that’s too cruel.8O Instead of giving up cookies I suggest that you get an exercise bike. That way you could sit down, exercise and eat cookies at the same time.

  12. Oh, I feel your pain. I had to give up even my diet drinks recently, suckers are causing massive kidney stones. Drat, I had to switch to water. Yeah, it doesn’t sound bad till you have to drink it All-Flippin-Day-Long!
    So I say, Let there be cookies! A girl has to have something in life that gives her that warm fuzzy feeling that only an oven fresh, gooey, moist chocolatey cookie can give her. Ooops sorry, that’s probably not helping the cookie withdrawl. Best of luck.

  13. Giving up cookies could seriously impair your writing ability!! You need them to think clearly. How about cookies only at stressfull situations? No, too often?…Maybe as a reward?

  14. It is hard to give up the scrumptous cookies. Why not get some reduced fat cookies and wean yourself gradually.

  15. Hi Jill,

    Sue Phillips here (formerly Liepitz) from OCC. I feel for ya. I finally got rid of the 30 extra pounds and have kept it off for a while, but my jeans keep me on track.

    I’m very impressed that giving up cookies is the only thing you have to do to get back into a pair of jeans. I had to give up eating bread & sweets, anything for dinner other than a cup of yogurt, and go from 30/min workouts 3 x wk to 90 min/ 6 x week. Just to lose 5 lbs!

    Btw, I actually bought a locking cash box to store cookies for my husband. He keeps the key, of course. He thought I was nuts, but it works. The man can take two weeks to eat one package of cookies that I could devour in two days!

    Good luck on getting back into the jeans.

  16. Thanks for dropping by and wishing me well, Jill. I’m just a wee bit nervous so I really appreciate it!

    And what? No cookies? Ooooh. I feel for you. That’s got to be miserable. But you can do it! And don’t forget to rally the troops when you need help! That’s what friends are for.

  17. Maybe your jeans just shrunk in the wash!!! Don’t be too drastic as to give up cookies just yet! Maybe you can enjoy the cookies while taking a stroll around your neighborhood 🙂

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