Just Try Me …

Coming to a store near you in August …

Reaching out, Jared slid his hand along her jaw, lifting her face, which he then frowned into, his gaze locked on her cheekbone.

“What?” She slapped his hand away.

His lips curved slightly. “You just also have a—“


He waggled a finger, pointing to her face, then reaching in–

“I’m fine.”

“Yeah, and on that, I’m completely one hundred percent in agreement, but you have a little . . .” Looking into her eyes, smiling, he pulled something off her cheek. A leaf, probably stuck there with dirt as well.

She swiped at her face, groaning when his smile widened. “I just smeared dirt around, right?”

“If it helps, you look extremely cute with it on your face.”

Extremely cute? She didn’t know quite how to take that. Hell, she didn’t know how to take him. Half the time he made her want to smile, the other half of the time he made her yearn and burn for some nameless thing . . . Ack, the man made her crazy, and she began walking again.

(also, be sure to check in next week when I’ll be doing a cross over contest with bestest pal Donna Kauffman)

24 Comments on “Just Try Me …

  1. She’s teasing me again. Jill, I’m gonna tell – you’re being awfully mean to us. At least we only have to wait until August for this one. Or July if we preorder through eharlequin.com (just a suggestion to folks :rolleyes:)

  2. Sounds great, Jill – thanks for giving us a little nibble! I’m looking forward to reading it. I hope everyone has a terrific weekend! Thank goodness it’s Friday, I don’t think I could do one more work day this week – without hurting someone, that is!

  3. These teasers are killing me. I’m so excited for all of your books coming out this summer.

  4. I love your teasers! I can wait until August, after all it isn’t like we have much of a choice.:rotfl:

  5. I WANT NOW!!!:hissyfit: lol
    Sounds great! I cant wait till it comes out! But first I am going to have to get Aussie rules… 13 more days!! :bananadance:

  6. Looks like it’ll be a hot summer….and it has nothing to do with the weather. :bananadance:

  7. I don’t even have to order this one! It will come with the rest of my Blaze books! Love it!:smile:
    Have a great weekend everyone.

  8. I think I definitely will! Just Try Me(you)…:yes:

    Have a good weekend, everybody. We’ve got Victoria Day on Monday. It’s the official birthday celebration for the reigning monarch.

  9. Oh, sounds so good. I am torn because school will be out soon but I really want June 1st to come so I can get Aussie Rules. Hopefully the kids will give me silence to read it. :rotfl:

  10. I can’t believe no one has commented on that FANTASTIC COVER!!! We’re month-mates, Jill, but your cover is WAY prettier. It’s the water. I love covers with water.

    And the excerpt…well, goes without saying.:wigglebrow:

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