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Just got this cover for 7/06 … seems like a long time off (though I do have several releases before this –ROOM SERVICE, 2/06 and AUSSIE RULES 6/06) Anyway, here’s my opening few paragraphs from my story in this collection:

Janie Mills had done a lot of things in her life, not all of which she was proud of, but killing a guy . . .
Yeah, that was a new one, even for her.
She stood holding the murder weapon in the darkened library where she worked, listening to the sizzling summer storm rage outside, her breath hitching, trying to talk herself out of a panic attack.
Not so easy to do with her heart in her throat, blocking the air passage.
Lightning burst, and for one brief instant, her world lit up in the blue flash, followed by a CRACK of thunder that nearly had her jumping right out of her skin.

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  1. Jill – Off topic but I have about 100 pgs left to read of Sexy Mistake – will hate to see it end. I just love Kevin – the dialogue is fantastic.

    So happy to be able to review it.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

    P.S. Survivor finale tonite. Cant wait.:bananadance:

  2. Jill, what an opening. That sounds great! I just picked up Her Sexiest Mistake so maybe I can stretch that out so I don’t have to wait so long. Plus there’s two books in beteween.

    Happy holidays everyone!

  3. I’m looking forward to reading it!!!
    did I mention that I LOVED Her Sexiest Mistake???
    I can’t explain it well Jill, but you write what I want to read.

  4. I’ll be looking for this one or any other with your name as author.:smile:
    Where is everyone? They must be Christmas shopping, decorating, wrapping, baking, partying or something!
    We need a holiday icon! :wave:

  5. Awesome, Jill! I’m excited about this one! But, then, I buy every book with your name on it. 😀

    We do have to wait a long time for this eh? :hissyfit:

  6. JULY :wall: But what about January, March … okay, I have a confession to make – I’ve been cheating on you with other authors. There, it’s out. I feel so sleazy – but what could I do. Waiting for you, the temptations so great, they’re books are everywhere. Kate Hardy, Leslie Kelly, Jordan Summers … the list goes on. I try to resist them, but I have this void and (sob) … JULY!

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