Room Service – 2/06

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Here’s my 2/06 Harlequin Blaze cover! What do you think?

Also, an excerpt:
A man stepped into the elevator. He wore black Levi’s and battered boots, and a black long sleeved shirt with the pink HUSH logo on his pec. His eyes were covered with mirrored aviator sunglasses, and when he shoved them to the top of his head and looked at Em, her heart stopped. Not because he was drop-dead gorgeous, no that description felt too neat, too pat, too . . . GQ. In fact, he was the furthest thing from GQ as she’d ever seen.
He was tall, probably six four, all tough and rangy and hard-muscled. His hair was cropped extremely short, and was as dark as his fathomless eyes, set in a face that could encourage the iciest of women to ache. And in that face she saw a full life, as if maybe he’d lived every single of one his years as fast and hard as he could.
Which wasn’t to say he wasn’t appealing. In truth, she couldn’t tear her eyes off him. But she could tell he was the kind of man who would worry a mother, the kind of man a father sat on his porch holding a shot gun for. He seemed . . . street, tough as nails, edgy, possibly even dangerous.
And then he smiled.
Yeah, big and rough, and most definitely bad ass. This was a man who’d seen and done things, the sort of man who could walk through a brawl, give as good as he got, and come out unscathed.
A warrior.
Em would have sworn her heart gave one last little flutter before it stopped all together.
But the most surprisingly thing was what he said.
“Good, you’re here.”

34 Comments on “Room Service – 2/06

  1. LOL, Raine. Yum indeed!

    Jill, I have to tell you, AGAIN, what a talented writer you are. :thumbsup: Your sense of humor and way with words…the way you describe things are so vivid and compelling, they just pull me into the story. Okay, I’m trying to say something here and the words are not coming out the way I want them to but hopefully I managed to convey that I absolutely love your books.:yes:

    Sounds like another typical Shalvis book…deliciously hot!

    BTW, I finished reading HSM. Was it good? Considering the first night I forced myself to put the book down at 2:30 a.m. The next night (oh wait, it’s the same day!) I went to bed at 1:30 a.m., I would say, “Hell yes!”

    Okay, time for bed. :zzz: It’s past 1 a.m. again.:wall:

  2. Wow! Some cover, some enticing title. And excerpt isnt bad either. LOL. Cant wait to read it. YOu really put out a lot of books. How many do you average in a year?

    Finished Get a Clue – and enjoyed it very much.


  3. Your description of this guy is, oh my, um … Dear Santa, what I want for Christmas is the sexperts new hero from “Room Service”.

    A Blaze AND a Do Not Disturb – both my favorites. It’s February already, isn’t it?

  4. Yowza! 😯 Um…I’m here too, Mr. Hunk! Wanna come home with me? *flutters eyelashes coquettishly*

    I can’t wait for this one! Thanks for sharing, Jill.

  5. Man, Jill, you play dirty. :hissyfit:

    CRIKEY! I’d like to lick that guy’s chest from top to bottom. :wigglebrow:

    :thumbsup: Excerpt is good. Can’t wait for this BLAZE!

  6. That cover looks amazing! 😉
    I want to know what happens next! You are always putting the carrot in front of our face arn’t you? lol
    p.s.I’m interested in reviewing HSM on Amazon and BN for you. I love getting other people addicted to your books. I have already addicted my roommates and my neighbors- Its fun when Im not the only one complaining because I have to wait for the next book.:lol:

  7. Tease. That’s why I like ordering from Harlequin, they have this thing where you can order a month in advance. So there I can order Room Service in January. Still a long wait.

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